Step 1: Apply on Inara

Login with an existing Commander account on Inara, or sign-up to create a new Inara Commander.

Login to Inara

Use the “JOIN THIS SQUADRON” button to join. Then write a few words about yourself and what interests you about joining The Fatherhood.

Join on Inara

Complete your Inara profile by verifying your commander name, platform. In your Commander Settings on Inara, use the “LINK YOUR ACCOUNT” button to link your game account to Inara using the Frontier Authentication Service.

Be sure to set your “Preferred Play Styles”, and in order for your application to be fully reviewed, you must temporarily set your Commander Privacy Settings to “Yes (default)” to share all details about your profile. After your application is processed, you can reset them to restrict what information you wish to share.

Set your Commander Settings

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