‘Blaze your own trail’

This guide was written to provide a broad overview of current game knowledge—a ‘Codex’ if you will—of contributions by veteran players from the E:D community, all hosted in one place by The Fatherhood Squadron. This is an up-to-date quick reference with pointers to the extensive resources by players for players embarking on new journeys in the E:D Galaxy in the first-half of year 3307 (2021).

What this Codex is not: This is not a manual, more a quick reference guide, attempting instead to plug the gaps and provide answers to common questions arising. It assumes familiarity with the interface and basic game mechanics, aspects which have comprehensive explainers elsewhere.

If you’d like a more complete guide, or which to read up on an aspect in particular, we highly recommend this Comprehensive beginner’s guide [Beyond 3.3 edition] updated in 01.2021.

‘When the kids go to bed, we go to space…’


The Fatherhood Squadron (Inara)


Principal Author: CMDR S p a r k y of The Fatherhood
Planetary Landings: CMDR Legion_r917th of The Fatherhood
Piracy Tactics: CMDR Desperado421 of The Fatherhood
Anti-Xeno Tactics: CMDR Mgram and u/AirshipCanon
Site Design: CMDR “Morpheus” Solyce of The Fatherhood


Many thanks to the Fatherhood Wing Council for their invaluable advice, all those squadron veterans who freely give their time to share their hard-won knowledge, and the generous contributors within the wider E:D Community—you know who you are—Fly Dangerously!