Alliance Crusader

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Optional Internals

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GoodNot Good
Has a fighter hangar.Much more drift and mass, and slower than the other Alliance C ships
A bit less firepower than the other Alliance C-ships, but a fighter is basically a roving large/huge hardpoint. You have to sacrifice one of the class 5 or 6 slots to fit the fighter. 
With the fighter hangar and an SRV bay for a Scorpion, you can bring 3 wingmates into the same ground Combat Zone and attack from all aspects.Either the shields will be weaker or the fighter hangar will be undersized. 
Vulnerable canopy.

Hardpoint Notes

Large1Dorsal and centered, easy to aim.
Medium2One is dorsal and centered, easy to aim. One is ventrally displaced and centered and doesn’t converge with the others.
Small3Dorsal, arranged in a ring around the large hardpoint with two above and laterally displaced, and one centered just below. Easy to aim. The lower centered small hardpoint fires from almost the same point as the large which can be exploited for module targeting and damage multiplication.
Suggested Hardpoint Convergence Groups: 1L3S, Central 1L1S

Role Ratings

AX CombatViable
AX Support
Bulk Trade
Core Mining
CZ Combat (PvE)Viable
Laser Mining
Mats Collector
Passenger Boat
PvP Combat
Rares Trade
Res/CNB Combat (PvE)Viable
Search and Rescue