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Optional Internals

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GoodNot Good
The most potential firepower of any ship. Slow in speed, mediocre in maneuverability. 
One of two ships with a class 8 distributor for more powerful weapons. You’ll have trouble getting all of those hardpoints to hit at once. 
Made of magic materials that give it a shockingly low mass. You really have to strip it down to get the longest frameshift distances. 
Runs colder than you expect.Supercruise agility is poor, which is an annoyance for explorers. 
Capable of long Frameshift jump distances. Costs a fortune
Has a fighter hangar. Sometimes hisses at you.
No rank grind requirement. Hutton Orbital often runs out of free Anacondas. Try again later!
200 meters of pure versatility. 
Given away for free at Hutton Orbital outpost in Alpha Centauri.
One of Stierlitz’ favourite ships.

Hardpoint Notes

Small hardpoints are ventral and very far back, and are blocked from hitting most things in front or above you.

Role Ratings

AX CombatViable
AX SupportViable
BGSViableCan’t dock at outposts
Bulk TradeViable
Core MiningViable
CZ Combat (PvE)Ideal
Laser MiningViable
Mats CollectorViable
Passenger BoatViable
PowerplayViableCan’t dock at outposts
PvP CombatViable
Rares TradeDoableCan’t dock at outposts
Res/CNB Combat (PvE)Ideal
Search and RescueViable
TaxiIdeal for modules, Inconceivable! for travel to outposts.