Beam Laser


Damage TypeWeapon Type
GoodNot Good
Very high thermal damage. Uses up WEP distributor energy in seconds
Works well for effects that need many hits over time.High heat
They’re basically Star Trek phasers. The usual laser falloff, but worse. (500m)
They’re impractical when unengineered.

Size Notes

Huge can deal enormous damage to both hull and shield.



Causes heat buildup in targeted ship.
Less damage, less heat, more distributor draw.
The effect is not as strong as the Thermal Shock experimental.


EfficientFixes the high distributor draw/ high heat problem which makes them sustainable. Very little downside.
LightweightLike efficient but with less mass and without the heat decrease.
Long RangeDrop shields from range with no falloff…as long as you can sustain the distributor draw.
OverchargedDo godly damage…for about 5 seconds. The penalty to distributor draw is high.
Short RangeMore damage, more heat, less range. 

Experimental Effects

Concordant SequenceA single one can help regenerate wingmates’ shields when not in combat. Doesn’t work under fire. Increased thermal load is bad for beams.
Double BracedNot that useful. Better to use module reinforcements.
Flow ControlIf you need a small amount of power elsewhere.
OversizedIf you have nothing else better to pick, a little extra damage is fine.
Regeneration SequenceHeal beams! They only work on wingmates and your NPC fighter whose shields are still up…not on other friendly ships. Works when under fire.
Stripped DownIf you need a tiny amount of mass, but there are better modules than weapons to save mass unless your ship is very mass sensitive.
Thermal ConduitUp to 30% more damage when you reach 180% heat…but heat damage to your modules is not resistable and adds up quickly.
Thermal ShockYou need as many hits as possible, so pairs well with Efficient beams. 
Thermal VentDrops your heat as long as you are striking your target.