Burst Laser


Damage TypeWeapon Type
GoodNot Good
3 shots then a pause,so you don’t have to hold aim as long. Worse damage than beams, worse distributor draw than pulses.
Small and medium turrets work well with this weapon. They need more power than you think they do.
Better damage than pulses, better distributor draw than beams.Larger bursts have long firing delays.
Laser falloff starts at 600m.

Size Notes

Smaller bursts fire faster, but there’s always a pause between the 3 sub-bursts. 
Huge bursts cause very high heat and use a lot of distributor. Not recommended.



Does enormous damage to shields, practically none to hull. 
Small size, but does large beam level damage to shields. 
More damage, faster rate of fire, Armor Piercing value is 1. 
Practical range is less than 1 km. 
Pairs well with Phasing Sequence and Thermal Shock. 


EfficientFixes most of the downsides for this weapon. 
FocusedBetter hull damage against larger ships, plus some range.
LightweightIf your ship is mass sensitive.
Long RangeGood for taking potshots at range with no falloff. 
OverchargedLaser railguns! It’s all thermal damage, too.
Rapid FireThe 3 bursts will happen faster, but the pause between bursts remains just as long.
Short RangeBetter damage at the cost of heat. Pairs with inertial impact if you can get close and stay there.

Experimental Effects

Concordant SequenceA single one can help wingmates when not under fire. 
Double BracedNot that useful. Better to use module reinforcements.
Flow ControlIf you need a small amount of power elsewhere.
Inertial ImpactLaser frags! High damage but you need to stay close.
Multi-ServosOversized is better.
OversizedIf you have nothing else better to pick, a little extra damage is fine.
Phasing SequenceCan work if you have several firing at once.
Scramble SpectrumDoesn’t work as well on bursts since you’re getting fewer hits over time.
Stripped DownIf you need a tiny amount of mass elsewhere, but there are better places to save mass.
Thermal ShockThe pause in firing allows the target to cool down a little.