Damage TypeWeapon Type
GoodNot Good
Reasonably high kinetic damageShield damage is not good. 
Runs on very little power and distributor draw. Hard to aim, hard to see. 
No damage distance falloff. The gimbaled version is less accurate due to “wiggle”. 
Lets you RP as a pirate. 

Size Notes

Each size and version has a different shot speed.
Accurate firing is difficult when using non-identical cannons.


EfficientIt’s already the lowest draw weapon in the game. Not a good choice. 
High capacityMore ammo for applying experimental effects. 
LightweightIf your ship is weight sensitive. 
Long RangeIncreases shot speed so it’s easier to hit…but it’s hard to hit beyond 3 km or so. 
OverchargedBig damage out to the full range and the distributor draw penalty is puny on this weapon.
Rapid FireDoable, but you lose accuracy. (It’s a single shot, so either you hit or you don’t.)
Short RangeBig damage, and you’re not likely to hit beyond 2 km anyway. The heat penalty is tiny on this weapon. 

Experimental Effects

Auto LoaderImproves sustained damage by continuously reloading the weapon.
Dispersal FieldWorks like the chaff effect when you hit. A strong active defense. 
Double BracedNot that useful. Better to use module reinforcements.
Flow ControlCuts power usage a bit…but this is already a low power weapon.
Force ShellPushes your target based on the damage you do, but makes the shot slower and harder to hit with. 
High Yield ShellChanges the damage to explosive and hits in a sphere around the point of impact. Has a fairly large damage penalty but can take out modules well with good aim. 
Multi-ServosNot a good choice. 
OversizedThis actually provides more sDPS than autoloader for this weapon. 
Smart RoundsIf you enjoy firing into crowds. Or you could aim better. 
Stripped DownRemoves a tiny bit of mass, but there are better places to drop mass than weapons. 
Thermal CascadeSimilar to Thermal Shock, but only on hits against shields…which cannons aren’t good at damaging.