Diamondback Scout

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Optional Internals

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GoodNot Good
Has potential as a small, nimble, cold running combat ship with hardpoints that are easy to aim.  If you’re looking for a ship that nobody uses that’s secretly awesome, this is the ship you’re looking for. Stealth combat is not a thing. 
A decent low-risk AX vessel, and a good Odyssey mission runner. In many ways, it’s the junior Alliance Chieftain.There’s only so much damage you can do with 2 medium and 2 small hardpoints and a class 3 Power Distributor.
Has more utility slots that most small ships, so it’s easier to have more robust defenses. Its small size and low ambient heat also make it surprisingly difficult to hit.
If stealth combat was still a thing, this would be the ship to do it. 

Hardpoint Notes

Medium2Forward, slightly laterally displaced. Relatively easy to aim.
Small2Forward, flanking the cockpit, very slightly laterally displaced. Easy to aim.
Suggested Hardpoint Convergence Groups: 2S, 2M with weapons with wide field of fire.

Role Ratings

AX CombatViable
AX Support
Bulk Trade
Core Mining
CZ Combat (PvE)Doable
Laser Mining
Mats Collector
Passenger Boat
PvP Combat
Rares TradeViable
Res/CNB Combat (PvE)Viable
Search and Rescue