Federal Assault Ship

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Optional Internals

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GoodNot Good
Fast and very agile. Shields are somewhat mediocre. Try not to get hit.
When flown well you can orbit most ships and make yourself quite untouchable.Firepower is a tad weak, so combat encounters will take longer. 
Good convergence on the large and medium hardpoints on the bottom for fixed weapons. “Unicorn horn” large hardpoint on top converges poorly with the others, so you’ll want to gimbal it or fire it separately.  
It’s essentially the prototype Alliance Chieftain but with less vulnerable modules A lot of build concepts that work well for the Chief will also work well with the FAS.The bottom hardpoints can be blocked from firing by the hull when using gimbals and pitching upwards towards an enemy.
The Alliance Chieftain is unfortunately a better version of this ship in almost every way. 
Jump range is poor. 

Hardpoint Notes

Large2One is ventral, centered, and easy to aim. One is dorsal, centered and easy to aim, but is set very high on the hull, and thus converges badly with the others.
Medium2Ventral and laterally displaced. Set back on the hull, so gimbals can be blocked by the hull for targets above the pilot’s eyeline.
Suggested Hardpoint Convergence Groups: Ventral 1L2M, 2M

Role Ratings

AX CombatViable
AX Support
Bulk TradeInconceivable!
Core MiningInconceivable!
CZ Combat (PvE)Viable
Laser MiningInconceivable!
Mats Collector
Passenger BoatInconceivable!
PvP CombatDoable
Rares TradeInconceivable!
Res/CNB Combat (PvE)Viable
Search and Rescue