Fragment Cannon


Damage TypeWeapon Type
KineticProjectile Spread
GoodNot Good
Obliterating things right in front of you. Hitting things more than a kilometer away. 
Distributor draw is low. Ammo runs out fairly quickly. 
All frag builds are tried and true.Long reload unless you take a particular experimental. 
It’s a space shotgun. Getting full damage is unlikely unless you’re at point blank range. 

Size Notes

Different sizes have different firing rates.



A “sniper frag”. More versatile than regular frags. 
Slightly less damage, but tighter spread and much longer range. 
Faster shot speed, longer falloff range, less jitter. 
Easier to aim and hit modules. 


Double ShotLets you pour damage into a target. You’ll run out of ammo very quickly. 
EfficientThey’re already a fairly efficient weapon, so not a good choice. 
High CapacityMore ammo with a bigger clip. Good for sustained damage as well as applying experimentals. 
Lightweight For mass constrained ships. 
OverchargedThe ammo efficient choice for doing big damage. 
Rapid FireFire faster with less reload time…but your damage isn’t as good as it appears. 

Experimental Effects

Corrosive ShellOnly works against hulls. Increases damage and improves the armor piercing of ANY weapon striking the hull. Pairs well with High Capacity on a small frag. 
Dazzle ShellDecreases target sensor acuity making you harder to detect…but it’s not clear if this works on NPCs. 
Double BracedUse a module reinforcement instead. 
Drag MunitionsSlows your target to “zero ENG pips” speed. Doesn’t prevent boosting, though. 
Flow ControlSave a little bit of power, but there are usually better ways to do that. 
Incendiary RoundsChanges the damage to 90% thermal. Can strip shields really well. 
Multi-ServosThere are much better ways to make a frag fire faster. 
OversizedThere are much better ways to make a frag do more damage. 
Screening ShellReduces reload time. Not much downside unless you specifically want another experimental. 
Stripped DownDrops a tiny bit of mass, but there are better ways to do that.