Damage TypeWeapon Type
GoodNot Good
Saving yourself from an attacker…sort of. Actually hitting the ship you intended to hit. 
Doing zoom and boom runs. Causes unintentional comedy, such as getting a bounty for killing a friendly NPC many km away. 
Making everyone’s point defense go “Squirrel!”NPCs are good at avoiding mines and are much more likely to carry point defense. 
Checking the damage resistance of your own shields and hull. 
Carpet bombing planetary bases

Size Notes

Larger mine launchers have higher capacity, but the mine damage remains the same. 


High CapacityGet more mines. 
Lightweight If you want mines available while you run away in your mass sensitive ship. 
Rapid Fire Drop mines faster.
SturdyLol sure why not. 

Experimental Effects

Double BracedUse module reinforcements instead.
Emissive MunitionsBlocks the sensor dropoff effect of heat sinks and low heat.
Flow ControlFrees up a tiny bit of energy, but there are better ways to do that.
Ion Disruption Causes the target’s thrusters to reboot. Instant sitting duck. 
Overload MunitionsChanges half of your damage to thermal to make the mines better against shields. Not as good as it sounds. 
OversizedIf you don’t care about other experimentals, a bit more damage doesn’t hurt.
Radiant CanisterCauses increased heat and sensor disruption in an area.
Reverberating CascadeDirectly damages the target’s shield generator. With enough hits, their shields drop permanently.
Shift-Lock CanisterCauses all FSDs in an area to reboot. 
Stripped DownFrees up a tiny bit of mass, but there are better ways to do that.