Type-10 Defender

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Optional Internals

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GoodNot Good
Highest hull hardness in the game, so you take the least hull damage.It’s rare to get all of the hardpoints on target at once.
Turret Builds.It’s a giant space brick. Slow and ponderous to turn.
Has a fighter hangar.It was supposed to be a large AX ship, and you can use it for that with AX Multicannons of various types, but it’s not nearly as good as it should be for AX.
Great cockpit view.Other ships in its size class perform their roles much better.
Ramming damage is like a well thrown brick.
Highest hypothetical DPS by total hardpoints in the game.

Hardpoint Notes

Large4Two are dorsal and widely laterally displaced. Two are ventral and widely laterally displaced.
Medium3One is ventral and central. Two are dorsal and widely laterally displaced.
Small2Mounted on the bow, slightly laterally displaced, easy to aim.
Suggested Hardpoint Convergence Groups: The hardpoints can be separated into 3 groups for fixed weaponry. Left 2L1M, Center 1M2S, Right 2L1M. This improves convergence of these weapons at medium and long range.
For gimbals and turrets it’s best to consider the top 2L2M and the bottom 2L1M as separate weapon groups. The top hardpoints cannot see the bottom of the ship and vice versa.

Role Ratings

AX CombatViable
AX SupportViable
Bulk TradeDoable
Core MiningDoable
CZ Combat (PvE)Viable
Laser MiningViable
Mats CollectorDoable
Passenger BoatDoable
PvP CombatInconceivable!
Rares TradeDoable
Res/CNB Combat (PvE)Viable
Search and RescueDoable