Code of Conduct


  • In the words of Wil Wheaton, don’t be a dick.
  • Be respectful to one another, we set the example for others to follow.
  • Help your fellow CMDRS
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • Have fun!


  • NO COMBAT LOGGING. There are no exceptions. Logging out during combat is prohibited in all forms and against all enemies – both player and NPC.
  • Any wanted commanders flying in space controlled by The Fatherhood who are neither members of The Fatherhood or any of our allies are valid targets as such activity is part of protecting our interests.
  • Any PvP activity when not protecting our interests should be  agreed to by both parties, and with clear criteria on victory conditions (for example down to 20% hull).
  • Ensure that any PvP fights are recorded. This will provide protection for any subsequent claims of griefing or combat logging.
  • In self-defense, only the first point in ROE is relevant.

Bounty Hunting:

  • To avoid any misinterpretations of intent, we request that commanders only engage in PvP bounty hunting either in space controlled by The Fatherhood, or in systems where there is an active Community Goal.
  • Please be aware that some bounties may be unintentional, and thus a commander (particularly an inexperienced one) may not be expecting any interdiction.
  • Exercise judgement first before interdicting – e.g. does the ship appear to be fitted for combat? What is their Elite Combat rank?
  • Ensure that any interdictions are recorded. This will provide protection for any subsequent claims of griefing or combat logging.


  • By definition, pirates do not aim to kill but to obtain cargo. You can be a pirate, not a griefer. Don’t intentionally kill targets under the pretense of piracy.
  • Ensure that you communicate with your targets at all times – explain to them clearly what is happening, and what their options are.
  • No piracy of The Fatherhood members or allies. If you have any doubt over squadron membership, then do not interdict.
  • No piracy within space controlled by The Fatherhood or allies, in Engineer/PowerPlay HQ systems, or Shinrarta Dezhra.
  • If you engage in piracy, you’re on your own if you get attacked.


The Fatherhood is an independent faction and does not actively or collectively participate in PowerPlay. Any participation in PowerPlay by The Fatherhood members is not a reflection of the faction in any way.

Dual Membership:

We request that commanders fly exclusively for The Fatherhood. That is, if you have both PC and XBox accounts, you would need to be a member of The Fatherhood squadrons in both platforms.

Exclusive membership is a requirement to access the following:

  • In-game squadron;
  • Inara membership;
  • Private Group access;
  • Full Discord status;
  • Faction Simulation missions.

Any commanders identified as being non-exclusive will first be contacted by Wing Command, and then asked to decide which group they wish to be a member of.

If you have a specific reason to fly as part of another wing/squadron on a different platform, then please contact Wing Command.

Disciplinary Actions:

  • COMBAT LOGGING: If you are judged to have combat logged, then on your first offense you can either (1) accept the rebuy (if the attacker agrees) or (2) be expelled from the Wing. Second offense is an immediate expulsion from the Wing.
  • GRIEFING (including Piracy): You will be served a warning on your first offense, and expelled on your second offense.
  • Disruptive / Anti-social behaviour: You will be served a warning on your first offense, and expelled on your second offense.
  • Any member in a leadership position that receives a warning will be subject to demotion back to the ranks.

In addition, actions that are cause for immediate removal include: acting for another group considered hostile; making real life threats to any other player; engaging in any illegal behaviour (such as DDOS or doxxing).

Particularly egregious violations as well as any actions outside of those listed above will be dealt with on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Wing Council.