Community Relations

As a group with a strong community focus, we are keen to embrace friendships, provide support, and contribute in a positive way toward the Elite:Dangerous community.

For some player groups, we will formally recognise our relationship. Relationships can take one of four forms:


Groups that share a deep relationship with The Fatherhood, often at the personal level. We stand side-by-side together in the E:D community, working together to respond to major events such as Dove Enigma and the Gnosis, and unconditionally support each other in the face of threats.


Groups with which The Fatherhood share ideas, support and friendship. We will participate together in community events, and share knowledge and experience on all aspects of the game, particularly Faction Simulation. Where there is a request for aid, we will seek to provide support when possible. However, we will politely decline requests made to become involved in conflicts between player factions.


There are groups out there who make significant contributions to the community – content creators, scientific research, community tools – and we at The Fatherhood want to recognise such groups and facilitate ways for our members to contribute.

Galactic Neighbours

We have an active presence in our corner of the Galaxy, and we have many neighbours who we seek to have peaceful relations with.