Discord Rules

First of all, welcome to our Discord server. Here are some rules and information on how we operate our Discord to try and keep it as a friendly place to chat with fellow Elite commanders.


  1. We are a widely diverse group so we won’t tolerate any kind of discrimination.
  2. Keep things civil, remember everyone is different and will have differing opinions. If a member of wing command feels a conversation is starting to get too heated we’ll politely ask for the conversation to be halted

    If we feel a member is continually either starting a topic that will likely end up heated or exacerbating a previously cordial chat we will give a formal warning to that member.

  3. Please don’t spam a channel or multiple channels. This could range from posting the same message into different channels – best advice would be to pick the most appropriate channel and post there† – or repeatedly posting images or the same text in one channel.

    †An example of this would be if patch notes are released by Frontier, the best channel would be #General-Elite-Chat.

  4. While most of our community are over 18 we do have younger members so please keep chat mostly PG. We don’t run a zero tolerance on swearing but we also don’t want members to use excessive swearing.

    Also as a lot of us access the Discord during breaks at work we will not tolerate any NSFW images/content at all.


If we feel you have broken any of these you will be given a warning or depending on the severity, you will be removed from the group.

If you are given a warning, you will get a private message stating the reason for why it was issued. If you incur 3 warnings you will be removed from the group.

Call signs

You may see a number of members with call signs in their name such as “Rebuy” or “Mugged”.

In the Fatherhood we like to assign call signs for various acts our members do in game‡, whether by something amazing or something amazingly bad or funny.

‡ Very occasionally something that happens in RL, when recounted on the discord may be call sign worthy.

We currently assign call signs by getting suggestions from our Veteran members of our wing and allowing them to vote on them

If you have one in your name that hasn’t been assigned please don’t be offended if we ask you to remove it. If you don’t remove it then we will remove it for you.