One of the best way to get involved and get to know your wing mates in The Fatherhood is our events. Across the three platforms there is usually an event happening every month or so. Here are highlights from some of our past events.

Lost Souls 2

A massive three-act expedition to Colonia and into the great beyond. The expedition was a massive success of over 200 participants with nearly half completing the entirety of the journey. It consisted of 17 waypoints with over 9 million light years travelled by participants.


Small Ship Ultra Combat Karnage (SSUCK) gave our CMDRs a way of dipping into combat using small combat ships (engineered or stock) for combat zones and pirate hunting. Experienced CMDRs helped new CMDRs learn the tips and techniques for Elite: Dangerous combat with the fun and chaos of small ships.

Sidewinder Demolition Derby

A shield-less Sidewinder Demolition Derby canyon race armed only with missiles and mayhem.

Rock and Roll Relay

A tag team relay event with two CMDRs pairing up.

One CMDR drives an SRV around a predetermined route without jumps then relays to the other CMDR piloting a Cobra Mk III with F/A off. The SRV was required to “tag” the Cobra before it could launch. The Cobra pilot also completed a predetermined route and was required to land beside their teammate’s SRV to complete the relay.

Guardian Mini-Tour

A journey to tour Guardian sites to help CMDRs gather everything needed for Guardian weapons, modules, and fighters.

Keelback Awareness Week

A seven day series of fun events to celebrate the humble Keelback, plus additional week long challenges such as best Keelback screenshot, Thargoid hunting in a group of Keelback, and “Pile ‘em High” — how many Keelback can fit inside a space station without docking permission?

Stierlitz High-G SRV Jamboree

A “peaceful” SRV straight-line trek of 200 km across a crater. The catch? You had to survive landing on a 3.85 G planet.

Scavenger’s Bliss SRV Race

A crazy, chaotic SRV race around the perimeter of a planetary Thargoid structure.

Operation #DeliverDuctTape

An initiative by The Fatherhood to support the ongoing efforts of Operation IDA to repair stations damaged by Thargoid attacks.


The inaugural last man standing SRV demolition derby event in LHS 197, with no shields, no weapons, and 2 SRVs per round.