For those looking for complete immersion, support The Fatherhood as we build and maintain a presence in the galaxy.

The Fatherhood minor faction has a home system of Hajangai, and over the years we have actively worked the Background Simulation (BGS) to expand The Fatherhood influence across many systems.

Our efforts are coordinated by an experienced group of commanders that actively monitor our interests in the Hajangai region. Our team has access to advanced custom tools to design missions for The Fatherhood commanders to participate in.

Missions can be varied – from securing victory in a Civil War, running missions to drive faction influence, to more illicit activities such as smuggling or piracy.

While the BGS can seem daunting, our team welcome the opportunity to share their understanding. Joining the effort you’ll get access to written guides, tools and experts. For those that wish to become fully immersed, you can even work your way into our operations team.

Your success becomes our success. Join The Fatherhood Navy today!