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The Fatherhood is based in the Hajangai system, but has expanded to operate in a number of neighboring systems spanning 60+ light-years. Here’s a brief tour of the notable systems of The Fatherhood.


Hajangai Class K Star
Hajangai Class K Star, Photo by CMDR M-O-T-O-R

Hajangai is home. 

At its heart, the system is powered by a K-type dwarf star. K-type main-sequence stars like Hajangai are of particular interest to humanity because of their very long main-sequence of 20-70 billion years compared to G-type stars, like Sol, of 10 billion years. That provides a long time for life to arise, helped further by emitting less ultraviolet radiation than other star types. Their greater heat compared to the similarly abundant M-type stars also provides a much larger habitable orbital zone.

Schwann Port, Photo by CMDR “Iceman” Azzbo

The Hajangai system is home to about 3.2 billion citizens. It includes the Earth-like world of Hajangai 1, with the industrial Lee Orbital Coriolis-station in orbit. Just a bit further is the water world of Hajangai 2, host to Schwann Port, official HQ of The Fatherhood.

Schwann Port

Schwann Port is a beautiful Orbis starport, designed to support the primary industry of tourism. A lot of The Fatherhood Commanders choose to use Schwann Port as a base of operations in order to be close to the action across The Fatherhood space.

LHS 197

LHS 197 3 & LHS 197 4
LHS 197 3 & LHS 197 4, Photo by CMDR M-O-T-O-R

The second system that the Fatherhood expanded to after establishing itself in Hajangai as the controlling faction, LHS 197 has long been a favourite for certain bloody thirsty commanders, as it is often host to conflict zones between the warring factions in the system. 

Yu Port

Yu Port, Photo by CMDR M-O-T-O-R

The industrial-based Yu Port is the only station of note in this system. A fair amount of Fatherhood commanders base themselves here.

Yu Port orbits the small moon of LHS 197 3b. It is very near the host body LHS 197 3, an ultramarine blue class-1 gas giant with rocky and icy rings. It’s a notable local hotspot for mining Void Opals.


Britnev Hub, Photo by CMDR “Wiki” M-O-T-O-R

The original home of the Fatherhood for years, before its forced relocation to Hajangai.  Since then, the Fatherhood consolidated its strength and made the “Return” to its original home.

There are a couple of notable high tech refineries in this system. The Coriolis starport of Britnev Hub, and the smaller refinery outpost of Clapperton Station.

Kolaga has a large ringed icy world, Kolaga 3, ideal for material gathering. Commanders should be prepared for the higher than average gravity of 0.75G to ensure a safe landing.

LHS 28

Flade Enterprise, Photo by CMDR Sloth “Bot” Peralta

This is a popular system among The Fatherhood commanders for two reasons – the Technology Broker and Material Trader at Flade Enterprise, which orbits a Class-1 gas giant LHS 28 4. It’s also home to a rather large population of 17.4 million citizens on Flade Enterprise and among a couple of other outposts and colonies sparsely spread across 40+ otherwise uninhabitable worlds of the system.


Golden Lake View Agricultural Station, Photo by CMDR Sloth “Bot” Peralta

If you can spell this system after the 3rd try, you’re a genius. This system is the bread-basket of The Fatherhood systems, with two earth-like worlds that produce much of the food for the surrounding systems. It is home to 10 billion citizens, the largest concentration of population in The Fatherhood region of space.

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