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On this page are a number of links that will help answer some of the frequent engineering questions that you may have.

What is engineering?

Engineering is the ability to enhance an attribute of a module, usually at the expense of another. For example, engineering a module to be lightweight will come at the cost of reduced integrity.

There are several stages to engineering:

  1. Choosing the blueprint that you wish to apply to a module;
  2. Identifying which engineer can carry out the modification;
  3. Unlocking access to the engineer;
  4. Collecting the materials required for the blueprint;
  5. Have the blueprint applied by the engineer.


1. Choosing a Blueprint

Modules from all 5 areas of your ship can be engineered:

  • Core, such as FSD and Power Plant;
  • Optional, such as Shields and Limpet Controllers;
  • Armour;
  • Hardpoints, i.e. your weapons;
  • Utility Mounts, such as Scanners and Shield Boosters.

Your choice of blueprint will depend upon what you are looking to achieve. For example, a ship engineered for exploration will be very different to a ship engineered for combat.

Blueprints also have 5 “grades”, where grade 5 has a higher improvement on the base attribute.


2. Identifying an engineer

Once you have identified what blueprints you want to apply, the next stage is to identify the right engineer for the job.

Inara has an excellent reference page for this job:

3. Unlocking Engineers

All engineers need to first be unlocked before they will engineer a module for you. There are several stages to unlocking an engineer:

  1. Discover. Some engineers are publicly known; other engineers can only be discovered once you have reached a certain reputation with another engineer.
  2. Invitation Engineers have certain requirements that must be met before they will “invite” you to use their services.
  3. Unlock. Once invited, the engineer will require you to perform a task before finally “unlocking” their services.
  4. Reputation. To unlock higher grade blueprints, you will need to improve your reputation with the engineer.

4. Materials Gathering

All blueprints have a materials requirement, which can be a mixture of raw materials, data, or manufactured materials.


Obtained through surface prospecting


  • Debris from destroyed ships;
  • Dropped at Unidentified Signal Sources;
  • Found around surface installations and outposts.


Scanning ships, FSD wakes, and data points on megaships / surface installations.

Within each category of material are different grades: very common, common, standard, rare, and very rare, with the ease of collecting getting progressively more difficult. Higher grade blueprints tend to require significant quanities of very rare materials.

Useful Materials Locations

There are some locations in the Galaxy that provide a reliable bounty of certain materials. In these locations, re-instancing will refresh the available materials for you to keep gathering.

Dav’s Hope

Dav’s Hope
Jameson’s Cobra
Crashed Anacondas
Barnacle Sites
Dav’s Hope

Your local materials supermarket!

The following materials are available:

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Jameson’s Cobra

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Crashed Anacondas

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Barnacle Sites

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Experimental Effects

Some experimental effects can be more effective than others.