What is The Fatherhood?

After a few Lavian Brandys during one of their regular reunions in a Kolagan cantina, a small band of former traders, military officers, fighter pilots, and mercenaries decided to form a group that would work hard, work together, and use their combined skills and experience to bring in the credits for the next generation of pilots — their children. On this day, The Fatherhood was born. Now, working out of their base in the Hajangai system and with the re-appearance of long forgotten dangers and ancient mysteries, they find themselves fighting not only for the next generation of pilots, but for all of humanity itself.

Do you have any rules?

We have a simple code of conduct. No griefing, no combat logging, be respectful, help out, and of course the most important rule: have fun!

If you’re looking for a complete set of rules see our full Code of Conduct. We also have some Discord Rules specific to using The Fatherhood Discord.

Where are you based in-game?

Our home system is Hajangai, which is home to two orbital stations:

  • Schwann Port is a tourist station, and orbits Hajangai 2, a Water World. With its stunning green interiors, many members of Wing Command have their offices in Schwann Port.
  • Lee Orbital is an agricultural station and administrative centre for the system, and orbits Hajangai 1, an Earth-Like World.

While The Fatherhood minor faction is Federation-aligned, we are actually an independent, Power Play neutral faction.

Do you form coalitions?

We welcome coalition proposals from any wing that shares a similar ethos to our own, and count some of the greatest known wings as our friends and allies.

How do I join?

See the Join page for details on how to join The Fatherhood.

Do you have any in-game identifiers?

Yes we do! Many of our commanders will prefix their ship name with “TFS” – The Fatherhood Ship.

With Squadrons arriving in Chapter 3.3, identifying fellow wing members will be much easier.

Are there other wings that we should give a warm welcome to?

We maintain relations with many different factions. For these factions we request that members:

  • Treat them in a friendly and courteous manner;
  • Under no circumstances ever engage in unfriendly activities – including piracy.

Friendly ship tags:

CC-###: Canonn Council (### personalisation)
CRV: Canonn Research Vessel (Exploration / Science)
CSV: Canonn Support Vessel (Support Roles / Wing Support)
CST: Canonn Survey Team (Long Distance Recon)
CPS: Canonn Protection Service (Combat Arm / Combat Training )
CFN: Canonn Faction News (Press)
HOT: Hutton Orbital Truckers
IPX: Interplanetary Explorations, IPX
JNS, JMS, JRS, JSS, JRW, JCS, JCB: Wolves of Jonai
LSRS, LCS: Leviathan Scout Regiment
PC: Paladin Consortium
PS-BoB, PSC-BoB: Beasts of Bestia
SSF: Sirius Special Forces
VRV: Voidsreach LLC
WDB.G.S.: WDB Galactic Solutions

When did The Fatherhood arrive as a faction in game?

We first arrived in the Hajangai system on 26th April 3304.

How do ranks work within The Fatherhood?

As The Fatherhood is more of a community rather than an organised wing, we only have 3 real “ranks”:

  • Wing Council, who manage the strategic direction of the group and relationships with other groups;
  • Wing Command, who manage the operational aspects of the group;
  • Members

Inara provides the functionality for a more involved rank structure, and the way we manage it is as on a membership tenure basis as follows:

  • Recruit – member for less than 1 month
  • Member – member for less than 6 months
  • Senior Member – member for less than 1 year
  • Veteran – member for more than 1 year.