Bravo (xbox) Squadron Double Gold

4 Mar 2021

On this glorious day, The Fatherhood – Bravo Squadron (xbox) made history, taking Double Gold in the squadron leaderboard season, with one Gold in Exploration and Combat each.

A gargantuan effort from the finest collection of cmdr’s, both veteran and new, in cartographing systems off the path to and from Colonia on our recent multi carrier cruise, coupled with the ever increasing pirate pest control activities, superb mentorship and team effort made this significant achievement possible.

Congratulations to everyone who participated. You rock!

Sloth Rides Again (again)

11 Dec 2020

Greetings commanders of The Fatherhood,

With the result of the previous vote ending in a draw I will need you to once again cast your vote. This time it is only between the top 2 finishers, the AspS and the FDS. May the best ship win.

Sloth “Bot” Peralta

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The Sloth Rides Again

4 Dec 2020

Greetings Commanders of The Fatherhood,

I hope everyone is staying safe and striving to make the holiday season the best it can be under the conditions 2020 has given us. With that in mind I hope to offer a small reprieve from the stresses of reality. I come to you today, and also in the coming weeks, with an opportunity to participate in something that I hope will be enjoyable and fun for all involved.

As some of you may know, during my interview with The Fatherhood News I hinted at having another idea for a crazy exploration trip. It is still several months away but, planning is underway. And I would like to include as many people as possible. So, I come to the community and ask that you vote for the ship you would like to see me take out into the black.

Sloth “Bot” Peralta

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The Fatherhood news Episode 14

2 Nov 2020

Remines Welcomes the fatherhood we take a tour of this news star system. with our very own CMDR “Breathless” bootstrap story of the Remines natives reaction to the Fatherhood. and we Interview with Sloth “Bot” Peralta.

The Fatherhood news Episode 13

26 Oct 2020

On this weeks episode… Massacre at Hedley City Posse fleet carriers were all repossessed, and the Sloth “Bot” Peralta is lost in the black.

Argos (V2M-Y10) Media release

23 Oct 2020

— Media release for Argos MatCoEx – Nov 1st 3306 —

The Fatherhood’s own Commander McPike, is hosting a short materials gathering expedition aboard his fleet carrier, The Argos. The expedition will depart the Jeticans system on Sunday, November 1st, 3306 at 3pm UCT for a 6 day, 7 waypoint journey to Hyades Sector DR-V C2-23, HIP 12099, Outotz HD-J D9-3, Outotz LS-K D83, HIP 36601, Hyades Sector AQ-Y D81 and LHS 417 before returning to Jeticans. All levels of commanders are welcome to join. For more details, send a comms-link to Commander McPike, or simply be onboard the Argos prior to its departure.

— end release —

Fatherhood News Episode 8

12 Jun 2020

The latest Episode from the fatherhood news, all the top stories from the Elite dangerous fatherhood Space.

The outbreak reaches the Fatherhood

The fall of the Family of Ashandras

Fatherhood pathfinders compromised.

And all the latest action from the PVP CUP! In the nebula

Links to the PVP full videos used in the News

Lost Souls 2 – Journey’s End

6 Mar 2020

TolaGarf’s Junkyard

System name


Distance to waypoint



After just over 66k LY, arrival in the Kojeara system marks the official end to the Lost Souls 2 Expedition. On behalf of The Fatherhood, we’d like to thank each and every one of you for joining us on this expedition, and making it such a success!

Journey’s End Party

To mark the end of the expedition, we plan to host a party for all those able to attend. The party will be held on Sunday 15th March, and will be hosted in the vicinity of Tolagarf’s Junkyard. Timings will be announced on the Discord server nearer the way.

% of Leg Completed


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Lost Souls 2 Act 3 – Waypoint 9

28 Feb 2020

Golden Chalice Nebula

System name

Oephaif ST-M b34-175

Distance to waypoint



One side of this nebula is dark and the other has red-green colours that look golden from the right angle, hence the name. To one side of this nebula can be found a dense patch of brown and red dwarf stars but there are enough scoopable stars for it not to present any real hazard.

The Golden Chalice Nebula is immense. Coming in from the direction of Candy Floss and Thunderclap nebulas, the Golden Chalice shows its reddish and green hues. Occasionally, if the lighting angle is right, these colors change to a deep golden yellow. Only two stars in habit this system, roughly 70K Ls apart. While the glare will limit the vista’s of the nebula cloud, great visual of it are garnered by traveling the distance between them.

Expedition Base Camp

The base camp for this waypoint will be Surface signal: Biological [5] on planet ABCD 3 A in the Oephaif QY-S e3-120 system.

POI’s Along the Way

Bonfire Nebula – Like any good bonfire at a festival, this huge nebula can be seen from a very long distance away and provides a spectacular backdrop and a beacon to navigate in the region. Its interior is densely packed with stars and home to a sky full of red and orange colours, with the bright Galactic Core obscured from sight.

The Aquarium – A Planetary Nebula with a Black Hole at its heart, and several planets orbiting an A-class star 147K Ls away. The only remarkable feature is the number of Nebulae visible from here and giving the system the look of being inside an aquarium, hence the name.

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Lost Souls 2 Act 3 – Waypoint 8

21 Feb 2020

Elmo’s Highway

System name

Boesky AA-A g89

Distance to waypoint



A system containing one Black Hole together with five Neutron Stars. It is a scenic but very hazzardous system to visit due to the risk of damage from multiple Neutron Star tails.

Expedition Base Camp

The base camp for this waypoint will be Surface signal: Geological [12] on planet C4 in the Boesky QO-Z D664 system.

POI’s Along the Way

“Süßes Fräulein” (Stellar Forge) – A huge sector with a very high-number of white, blue-white and blue stars accompanied by uncountable T-Tauri-Stars making it quite a sight for any explorer approaching the Core from the 1st Quadrant regions. The sector is full of habitable worlds and in its upper regions contains many non-sequence-stars. Due to the high value of such stars a survey can prove a lucrative undertaking once the data is sold at Universal Cartographics. Beautiful nebulae can be found within this sector, too.

Arcadian Lights – A small hourglass-shaped planetary nebula that was created after a supernova blast several thousand years ago. The central star collapsed into a neutron star of some 2.1 solar masses and left behind a number of ringed brown dwarfs in more or less stable orbits. The system has no landable planets but the view from close neighbouring star systems is amazing. 

Blue Ink in Pink – A beautiful little nebula with a black hole in its heart. Looking at it from the right angle it looks like a few droplets of blue ink had just been dropped into pink ink and are now blossoming and slowly disipating and mixing with the pink. Frozen in eternity at just the right moment. More surprising is that this little gem lies on the way from Sol to the Colonia domain and was only ever visited by two comanders before.

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