Argos (V2M-Y10) Media release

23 Oct 2020

— Media release for Argos MatCoEx – Nov 1st 3306 —

The Fatherhood’s own Commander McPike, is hosting a short materials gathering expedition aboard his fleet carrier, The Argos. The expedition will depart the Jeticans system on Sunday, November 1st, 3306 at 3pm UCT for a 6 day, 7 waypoint journey to Hyades Sector DR-V C2-23, HIP 12099, Outotz HD-J D9-3, Outotz LS-K D83, HIP 36601, Hyades Sector AQ-Y D81 and LHS 417 before returning to Jeticans. All levels of commanders are welcome to join. For more details, send a comms-link to Commander McPike, or simply be onboard the Argos prior to its departure.

— end release —