The Great Inti Summer War of 3307

28 Jul 2021

The busy Federation system Inti was this week the scene of a pitched conflict as a powerful Imperial faction invaded without warning. The entire system was swiftly turned into a warzone, with conflicts zones occurring near almost every major planet.

Ships and carriers deployed from across nearby space to meet the invaders in battle and desperately try to repel them. Leading the charge were Commanders from The Fatherhood, a minor democratic faction with loose ties to the Federation.

“We have been very active in the Inti system for over nine months now, assisting with security and logistics for the factions there.” stated one of their field captains. “It’s been a profitable exchange and one we intend to continue uninterrupted. A new faction arriving can only mean months of disruption as they vie for control. Though the attack came as a complete surprise, our forces responded immediately and poured into the system.”

Initially the momentum of the battle was with the invaders, possibly supplemented by combat bonds earned in other conflicts. The first day was declared a victory for the Imperials, though it was not to last. The remote industrial heartland was the scene of the fiercest fighting, where it took the light from the main star longer to arrive than it did for the defenders to gain the upper hand.

With the battle now over, we can reflect on the frantic recent days. While there were numerous sorties between commanders, the fights were considered fair and honorable. Fatherhood forces noted that their foes fought a good fight, and had expended significant efforts to orchestrate this conflict. “We met them on the field of battle, and fought them well. We have proved by right of conquest that it is us who shall determine the future for the people of Inti. We fully expect this to be respected by the defeated. The sun has set on their aspirations for Inti”

(thanks to cmdrs XpressionN + Legion 917th for the pictures, and cmdr Bootstrap for the text reporting)