The Sloth Rides Again

4 Dec 2020

Greetings Commanders of The Fatherhood,

I hope everyone is staying safe and striving to make the holiday season the best it can be under the conditions 2020 has given us. With that in mind I hope to offer a small reprieve from the stresses of reality. I come to you today, and also in the coming weeks, with an opportunity to participate in something that I hope will be enjoyable and fun for all involved.

As some of you may know, during my interview with The Fatherhood News I hinted at having another idea for a crazy exploration trip. It is still several months away but, planning is underway. And I would like to include as many people as possible. So, I come to the community and ask that you vote for the ship you would like to see me take out into the black.

Sloth “Bot” Peralta

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