Featured CMDR “E-Rated” Gibby2008

6 Apr 2022

What was your first experience with the Elite universe and what keeps you playing it today?

My first experience was back on the Commodore Amiga. I was fascinated with Frontier, and loved the game, but when the time of Amiga ended so did my time with Elite until it was released on the PlayStation. That’s when I realized I did not have to play this game alone and that’s the main reason I keep playing today.

Tell a quick story about your favorite moment in Elite: Dangerous.

I would have to say my favourite moment would have to be arriving at Colonia for the first time. I’d never been that far out before and with a jump range of about 25 light years it was a long journey with a great end result.

Tell the story of how you earned your callsign.

I decided to upgrade my FSD on my brand new Asp Explorer, and was chuffed to bits with my new shiny hunk of a ship. So, off I went to do my grinding for the first time and it took me ages, then I wondered why my jump range was just so small after such a long and boring grind. After a few long wasted hours of my time I realized I was upgrading an E-rated FSD.

Tell us about your favorite ship in the game.

It has to be my purple explorer Anaconda, the TFS Solitude. She has taken me to places I never thought possible and makes a great mining ship.

What drew you to join The Fatherhood?

I joined The Fatherhood back when there were only about 25 CMDRs. The fact that I have a child that took away most of my play time on Elite. Finding a group of people with the same problem was perfect for me. A group of gamers who wanted to just play the game with no pressure made this game so much more fun for me. I’m a PS4 original.

You’ve been with The Fatherhood a long time, and been an organizer on the Lost Souls Expedition. What’s the story there?

Ah, yes. The history of lost souls.

It all started with Cmdr Azzbo and me talking about taking a trip far south as south goes. As we discussed it on Discord it started to gain interest with a few other CMDRs. After a few discussions, the idea formed about making it into an expedition. We decided on making the Formadine Rift part of the expedition, and to visit the lost ship Zahura where so many CMDRs vanished. With that in mind, the name Lost Souls Expedition was born.

We only expected a handful of people to join, but as it turned out, it was quite popular. Even CMDR Buur came along and documented it with short weekly updates.

To us at The Fatherhood it was a success, so we decided to plan for part 2 ASAP, but this time we would visit Colonia before heading west. This was an even bigger success than the first.

So the question after Lost Souls 2 was how do we make a third tour better than its predecessor. Well all I can say is that remains to be seen.

What’s your day job, and how do you balance your home, work and gaming life (or do you)?

My day job is a tree surgeon. So I work all day till about 5 PM, then have family time for a few hours. Everyone is normally in bed for around 10 PM, then I have a couple of hours to myself to either catch up on TV shows or have some game time. People can usually find me online around 10 PM till 12 AM GMT.

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What is one thing most people don’t know about you that you wish they did?

Believe it or not, but I hold a PCV license. I can drive busses. 🤣

How did you come up with the name of your Commander?

I had no choice at the time as it’s linked to my PlayStation account. But Gibby is my nickname and 2008 is the year I joined PSN.

Any fatherly advice for new CMDRs trying to make their way in Elite: Dangerous?

Don’t screw up in game. We are always looking to give out call signs.

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