Featured CMDR: TK

12 Jun 2020

This is the first in a regular series of interviews with featured Commanders of The Fatherhood.

What was your first experience with the Elite universe and what keeps you playing it today?

My first experience was playing Frontier: Elite 2 on the Amiga. I poured hours into that game and still have it and my Amiga to this day. When I found out about Elite Dangerous I knew I had to have it. I bought an Xbox just to play it, then switched to PS4 when it launched.

How did you come up with the name of your Commander?

I ended up as CMDR TK7725 as the PS4 uses your psn ID as your CMDR name. TK is my nickname on a few forums and TK7725 is my PSN ID because it’s my TK number in the 501st Legion – you get given a unique TK number if you own a Stormtrooper costume. I couldn’t think of another PSN ID at the time, although i believe you can now change it.

Tell a quick story about your favorite moment in Elite: Dangerous.

The Enigma Expedition. It was my first exploration event and the first time I winged up with strangers. I met some amazing people on that trip and it helped The Fatherhood grow massively and created a lot of friendships. Everything from the Launch, to the Meta Armada to stunt flying at the Dove Enigma was just brilliant.