Featured CMDR: Spidey002 “Rambo”

19 Jun 2020

What was your first experience with the Elite universe and what keeps you playing it today?

So I grew up playing X-Wing and TIE Fighter. Back in 2017, I found them on GOG.com on sale, and decided to play them again. For this, I needed a new flight stick (I’d just gotten rid of my old one!)

After playing for a bit, I decided to see what modern games I could play with it. That’s how I found Elite Dangerous (oddly enough, I’d never heard of any of the Elite games growing up).

I was hooked right away. I loved the simulator feel of the game, and the missions/trading/etc. reminded me of a similar game I’d played growing up, a top-down 2d game called “Escape Velocity” (which I now see was somewhat modeled after Elite).

Tell a quick story about your favorite moment in Elite: Dangerous.

My favorite memory in Elite Dangerous came after joining The Fatherhood and getting involved in BGS. We had just been inserted in Hajangai, and had our eyes on next door LHS 197 for the RES bounty hunting. We’d been having trouble forcing two factions to retreat, and our Ops team had just about given up on the system. That was when I decided to test the limits of the new Crime and Punishment system, and took my trusty Chieftain, the TFS Major Jacob Brown on a killing spree of the unwanted faction in LHS 197’s Haz Res. After maxing out my notoriety, I managed to drive the two unwanted factions both into retreat. That was how I earned my callsign, “Rambo”.

What made you decide to join The Fatherhood?

I started following Elite: Dangerous on Twitter, and saw when they promoted The Fatherhood. The motto, “When the Kids Go to Bed, We Go to Space” immediately appealed to me. As a father of 3 small children that had been my gaming ethic for a while.

Tell us about your favorite ship in the game.

My favorite ship in the game is hands down the Krait Mk II. It’s my all-purpose, multi-role, mission runner. My Krait is the TFS Phoenix. While most of my ships serve a specific purpose (AX, mining, hauling, exploration), if I don’t have a particular task in mind, I grab the Phoenix because whatever comes up, I know I can handle it.