Origin Squadron

ID: 7725

Command TeamSoantii



As we all know, a little while ago FDEV decided to duplicate and separate the galaxy into Live and Legacy.
This left a section of the Elite community understandably unhappy (oh we know)
After that initial shock we came to understand that the BGS would be separate too. As a group though, our focus would be on the Live version moving forward.

This left the Legacy players in limbo, with little direction.
Some of our members decided that this was an opportunity to expand The Fatherhood faction further across the galaxy with less restrictions than before.
Step forward MaxiMadmax, who took the helm and devoted their time and effort into coordinating this committed bunch to expand The Fatherhood name far and wide.

Much like the Spartans of Sparta, we stand up to the obstacles we face and fight for our preservation, led by own “Leonidas” MaxiMadmax.


CMDR Aequfire was instrumental in helping Wing Command recommend members for call sign worthiness though themselves never receiving a call sign. Thus “Bridesmaid” was bestowed upon them.


Elite Combat rank. For many it is considered the holy grail of all Elite Dangerous ranks. For all of us, it is certainly one of, if not the most difficult to attain. Pilots have spent many hours fighting through pirates, CZs and Thargoids to achieve this accolade. For a pilot to reach combat Elite only deserves proper recognition.

When it was noticed that our own CMDR RadioAncient, veteran of the (system redacted) pirate hunters and a battle hardened Thargoid hunter had made his combat Elite, an idea popped into the head of CMDR kenzenichi. Let’s do a grading. A grading is a martial arts ritual that pits a newly minted black belt against their school to demonstrate their skill and their humility. CMDR Aequfire, CMDR Kenzenichi, CMDR PhoenixDream, and CMDR Tcanani all formed a wing and set themselves to test the mettle of Blue Squadron’s newest Combat Elite pilot. His FDL ready, he stared down his opponents undaunted, ready for their first move. One by one, each CMDR took their turn trying to out fly him but in the end, he left CMDR Aequfire and CMDR Kenzenichi’s Vultures scarred with blown out canopies, CMDR Tcanani’s FDL retreating with no shields and even CMDR PhoenixDreams Corvette shieldless and taking hull damage. When all was said and done, CMDR RadioAncients FDL was at 17% hull but floated above the field of battle triumphant, his opponents battered. A new tradition was born and any Fatherhood pilot that made Combat Elite could face the grading if they chose to.

When one achieves the rank of 1st degree black belt, they are considered a ‘Shodan’ or someone who has reached the ‘First Step’ so this seemed an appropriate callsign for one first taking part in this new tradition. CMDR RadioAncient proved himself on the battlefield and had shown great character by agreeing to be the first to take part in the grading and so therefore, please join us in congratulating Cmdr “Shodan” RadioAncient. It is truly deserved.


Cmdr “Ticket” Arank-o-Star earned his callsign from submitting a ticket to Frontier Help about being unable to land. Then he realized that he had turned off his sensors.

Imperial Hammer

Cmdr Scibbo earned his callsign from an in-game session where he spent a significant amount of time talking about how much he liked his “Imperial Hammer”. Our dirty minds degraded the conversation and the rest is history.


Have you ever been working a Haz Res, lining up the perfect 5 km Rail Gun shot only to miss because you were hit by a wing mate’s ship as you were pulling the trigger? Have you ever been parked beside an asteroid, synthesizing ammo after blasting scores of pirates only to hear your ship telling you you’re taking damage due to being hit at high speed by another ship? Have you ever been lifting off from an outpost landing pad only to crash into the underside of another Cmdr’s ship that just happens to be “parked” directly above you? If you answered “yes” to any of the above then you must have been flying in close proximity to Cmdr Pacifik. When asked to explain the large amount of paint scraping, ship bumping, and heart wrenching activity he laughed and said “I wasn’t trying to hit anyone…I’m just magnetic I guess”. It was at that moment that the callsign sensors detected an anomaly in PS Command and another Cmdr earned his callsign. It is with great joy that on behalf of PS Command I bestow upon Cmdr Pacifik the callsign of “Magneto”. Congratulations Cmdr! Fly dangerously Cmdrs… or fly with Cmdr Pacifik; it’s the same thing!

Mr Fantastic

Have you ever felt like no matter how far you travel, something keeps pulling you back? Have you ever had your thrusters pegged in the HazRes but just don’t seem to be getting anywhere? Have you ever fired off your fully charged rails at that unsuspecting Elite Anaconda pirate only to watch them pull a high-G reverse evasive maneuver that should have left the pilot a pile of goo against the canopy? Well you might be flying with CMDR “Mr Fantastic” cookevs45.

The first time he entered the HazRes with his fellow CMDRs, looking to kill pirates and cash in on some of that sweet bounty money, it was apparent that something was quite off — that being his internet connection. Immediately the pirates and miners and cookevs45 himself started bouncing around like they were 34th-century space shuttlejocks in a cosmic game of badminton. Despite this, and the gastrointestinal discomfort it caused in some of his wing mates, he proved to be a dedicated pirate hunter and quickly became a staple of the undisclosed location hunters. If you see cookevs45 flying through the hazres, throw him a wing invite, but remember to pack your space sickness bags and maybe take a dose of Dramamine.


Aequfire, Kenzenichi, Solyce, and SojournerN7 were turning in their combined wing massacre missions. Apparently it took a little too long for some. In the midst of turning them in, a bear-like growl of snoring rumbled over the comms. The comms burst with combined laughter, but SojournerN7 found his sweet spot of comfort and kept snoring. He eventually woke up long enough to finish the mission turn in, though we’re pretty sure he stayed where he was to sleep the rest of the night.

We hope you dream of empty landing pads, CMDR “Napster” SojournerN7.


CMDR “Wiki-” M-O-T-O-R and CMDR “Morpheus” Solyce were “winged” with CMDR ToPunishnSlv doing massacre missions. After loading up with massacre missions, he headed to the HazRes to join M-O-T-O-R and Solyce. He was targeted the moment he dropped into the system and interdicted back-to-back-to-back about 9 times. “Sharkbait” never made it to the HazRes that night. There are rumors he’s still being interdicted today.


CMDRs “Morpheus” Solyce and CMDR “Wiki-” M-O-T-O-R winged up with CMDR sumason. While bounty-hunting in Inti, all of a sudden they were swarmed. About half-a-dozen ships were targeting CMDR Sumason. Turns out he was unknowingly picking up illegal goods with his limpets. We told him to run, and his sloth-like (sorry, not sorry Sloth) Anaconda began to make its way out of the HazRes. CMDR “Wiki-” M-O-T-O-R and CMDR “Morpheus” Solyce worked feverishly to peel ships off of him. He escaped with 3% hull, only to get interdicted right after. Thankfully, he survived, narrowly making it to the TFCS Proxima Eterna parked nearby. Needless to say, he had his brown pants on after the encounter.

For picking up illegal goods in the HazRes, he earned the callsign “Mule”.


During the very early days of The Fatherhood’s BGS work, even before our faction had been inserted into the game, CMDR PixelOperative (then xRavenCrossx) enjoyed combat. His bloodthirsty habits became well-known amongst our BGS Brass, and his name was whispered in hushed tones around the bars of Britnev Hub in Kolaga. For services rendered to The Fatherhood above and beyond the call of duty that continue to this very day, CMDR PixelOperative will now and forever be known as “Warlord.”


Noted Wing Command troublemakers “Logistics” Phantom_rw and “Love Taps” CrzyRazr saw that a new CMDR had joined Blue Squadron. The Discord name? Pixy (Chew71). Once they sounded it out, how could they not bestow “Pikachu” upon the hapless newbie? After some minor protest, the name stuck. Congratulations Cmdr “Pikachu” Pixy (Chew71).

Addendum, December 3306: With no context, CMDR “Pikachu” Pixy (Chew71) announces on Discord “I have evolved again”. When questioned about the cryptic statement, he explained that he just had surgery to fix his shoulder. Never one to let his moment pass, CMDR “Boop” HojoTheFool posited “You are now Raichu?” Yes. Yes he is. The surgeon must’ve used a Thunder Stone during the operation.

So, from now on, he will be CMDR “Raichu” Pixy (Chew71)


CMDR Nomen-Karr “Hotpoint”

One lovely spring day (in an alternate reality called IRL), CMDR Nomen-Karr was cooking food. As he was wont to do, he cut his finger. Desperately, he began searching through the cupboards and drawers of the kitchen of his ‘new, fresh’ house (that he had been living in for 9 months…) for a bandage. Much to the poor man’s surprise, one of the drawers contained a real, totally operable dishwasher that had previously gone undiscovered. Upon sharing this revelation with the rest of the Squadron, he was promptly dubbed “Hotpoint.”


Cmdr “Boop” HojoTheFool

In the very same wing-up where Kris “Pinball” Ghoststar was awarded her callsign, HojoTheFool earned his. In his trusty Chieftain, HojoTheFool darted around the conflict zone, spraying death to all those who opposed The Fatherhood. So what if his quick maneuvers to some “gentle” booping of his wingmates? It was a small price to pay. Twas a very rough ride for Phantom_rw and Mellophone6 indeed…


Kris “Pinball” Ghoststar

During a recent wing-up with “Logistics” Phantom_rw and “Hawk” Mellophone6, Kris Ghoststar showed off her excellent piloting skills, honed both in-game and in the real world. So excellent, in fact, that she continuously ricocheted off the other pilots and sped off each time before they knew what had happened. Claiming it couldn’t possibly be her since she was so far away, she was awarded with the callsign “Pinball” marking her excellent ability to bounce all over the damn place.


CMDR “Hawk” Mellophone6

In the words of “Iceman” Azzbo27: “Blue Command have decided to take the step of bestowing a callsign upon Mellophone6 in honour of his services to the Squadron. Henceforth he shall be known as “Hawk.” A hawk is intelligent, has a keen awareness of what’s going on around them and is ruthless when they need to be – all qualities I’m sure you’ll agree our comrade has shown in helping us deliver 4 separate Leaderboard trophies.”

In the words of Mellophone6 himself: I was a try-hard who researched the inner-workings of the Squadron Leaderboard mechanics and stayed on Blue Squadron’s asses so that we placed where we needed to on the Leaderboards. Daddy needed his shiny holographic bobbleheads.

Pally Baws

Long ago, Catchme85 offered to run a load of palladium for fellow Blue Squadron member “Scoop” EliAviAri to help complete a wing trade mission. As the most expensive raw material in the commodities market, this load of palladium was sure to attract… attention. So why wouldn’t Catchme85 haul 760 tons of the good stuff in his shieldless T9. Discord was in awe of the brass balls needed in order to pull off such a risky run. Not brass… palladium. And not balls (The Fatherhood is a family-friendly group). And thus, “Pally Baws” was bestowed upon completion of the most daring of trade runs. Congratulations Cmdr “Pally Baws” Catchme85.


One fateful night when winging up with Captain “Stalker” Revyn_Hunter for the usual Blue shenanigans, DokNemo fell asleep on voice comms… and proceeded to snore. LOUDLY. Not one to miss an opportunity, Revyn_Hunter recorded the joyous noise and uploaded it to Discord. Thus, CMDR “Snorlax” DokNemo was born. Some say the recording is still floating around, somewhere in PS4 chat of our Discord…


CMDR Ragenugget George wearily informed us of another Lost Souls 2 demise. Unfortunately, the official death recorder only registers CMDR deaths of single figures. A coding oversight – nobody is hapless enough to lose ships numbering into double figures… in a single expedition.

Are they?

Oops. He did it again. “Britney” was born.

sugar daddy

PS4 CMDR markyp4334 was filling in his tax returns one evening and noticed a small oversight: He’d forgotten to terminate the contracts of several unproductive SLF pilots, handing over 400 million credits in return for them sitting in dock all day. From then on known as “Sugar Daddy” for being so unintentionally generous.


CMDR Solyce will now and forever be known as “Morpheus” for his mastery of the Matrix and construction of our amazing website.

Previously, he was known as “Hoover”. CMDR Solyce in a T9, CMDR Azzbo27 in a Corvette, and CMDR M-O-T-O-R in an Imperial Cutter wing up for some Borann LTD grinding to make bank for their Fleet Carriers. CMDR Solyce brought a 7A, 5A, and 2× 3A Collector Limpets that effectively gave him a personal army of collector limpets that moved like a nebula. When near, they would vacuum up any amount of LTD fragments in a matter of moments, hence getting dubbed “Hoover” like the vacuums.


And the award for gross over-use of @tagging…._envelope please_

CMDR “PingingUsOff” Ezeri!

Congrats CMDR.


CMDR “FFS” The_Renegabe, in his own words:

“When the big exploration update came along, I was so excited to tag my name across the system that I completely forgot to check discord for any messages from command over the fatherhood tag to our home systems. By the time I had realised what I had done I had already completely scanned Hajangai and LHS 197. Suffice to say, top brass was not impressed. After some deliberation the wing command designated me FFS to represent me being the epitome of the Facepalm.”


Here’s another one that’s a departure from the norm;

Cmdr firestorm659 got his callsign by doing something GOOD!

I know, it’s hard to believe…. but after sharing over 200 million credits in completed wing missions his peers felt he should be christened “Moneybags” for this charitable endeavor.


Not too many of our callsigns here involve more than one Cmdr directly. But this one does….

Apparently not content with his number of insurance claims garnered thus far, our very own Cmdr “Rebuy” Soantii decided to try out his new airbags by ramming into Cmdr Yseroth while he was quietly minding his own business outside Britnev Hub.

As is well known throughout the galaxy, Britnev’s air control has a taste for the Lavian Brandy, and must’ve been seeing double because they smacked YSEROTH with the “Reckless Flying” fine instead of the real perpetrator of this heinous crime!

Of course, Cmdr Soantii took great pleasure in this, and constantly reminds Y-man of the incident with a chuckle….

Opal Snob

Having a taste for only the finer things in life, Cmdr MorrisonSTi was dubbed “Opal Snob” because he is quite picky when it comes to mining yields….. not too many other guys will turn their nose up at Low Temperature Diamonds, but he will only settle for the best!

….until the meta changes and a new “best” is crowned…..


CMDR Tilling1977 has a nickname that is more of a “brand”, if you will.

Everyone is probably familiar with the fierce grudge between the two major camps of the console world: Xbox & Playstation.

Unwittingly, CMDR Tilling1977 let it slip that he was playing both sides(no pun intended) when he posted a screenshot of Subnautica that he had just bought for his Xbox One and keen eyed peers quickly took notice and branded him a traitor with “Natasha”, signifying his work as a double-agent.

Snuggle Muffin

WyngateBFB was bestowed the callsign “Snuggle Muffin” for an unfortunate typo when relaying his adventures “snuggling slaves and weapons in the name of democracy for The Fatherhood.” What a patriot.

Previously known as “Splat”. “Let’s see… Wyngate got his C/S the first time he flew with me… he was in a Chieftain showing off his green engine effects, tried to do a corkscrew manoeuvre into Schwann Port and slammed full speed into the side of the station… hence the C/S “Splat”… like a bug on the windshield.”

– CMDR “Logistics” Phantom_rw


CMDR “Rocky” ClutchNixon used to be known as CMDR HighTides. He got the callsign because one night he was slightly inebriated and when he gets that way he sounds like Stallone in “Rocky”.

“Doc, ClutchNixon and I doing a wing mission that night…he was really into the sauce and he had the last of the cargo to complete the delivery mission…he may or may not have passed out for a few minutes before he finally delivered the cargo” – CMDR “Logistics” Phantom_rw


At the start of the Lost Souls expedition, Dillster70 decided he wanted to emulate the lead ship of the mass jump, by firing his beam laser at the target system. Sadly, his laser was turreted, he had the lead ship targeted and he was in Schwann Port’s no-fire zone…


Shortly after going TFH, Cmdr Lintukori made the pilgrimage to our home system and promptly proceeded to Schwann to take in the sites of his new home. Unfortunately he was unfamiliar with the strict regulations at Schwann that state you must make a request for landing in order to get permitted rights to a pad. He just barely made it out of there without getting shot up in the mailslot.

I mean Schwann is the only station in the entire game that requires this, right?

How was he supposed to know…..? It’s not like they made him ask for permission the previous 6,435 times he went to land at a port, wtf!


Surely a student of Cmdr “Stalker” Revyn07, Tooboomafoo fancies himself the quiet lurking type while in Discord….

…wait….is he watching me type this?…..creepy man.


Nothing I add could make this one any better, so take it away CMDR “Scoop” EliAviAri:

Sure, at the time I was one of the two mining experts, pre Q4.

I was mining for some reason or other and came upon a high resource painite rock, which as you know at the time was jackpot.

So I blasted it with everything I had so lots of chunks flying around, lots of collectors flying around and me heading over to discord to brag.

Unfortunately, it turned out I didn’t open my cargo scoop. Result, by the time I checked back, all collectors gone, all painite chunks, gone… Several million worth.

These days that’s peanuts, at the time, not so much. 😅

This one gets my vote for personal favorite, probably because it totally sounds like something I’d do.


Some people strive for perfection, some for acceptance, and some looking for fame and fortune…

Then you’ve got Cmdr Revyn07; He strives to be that disgustingly creepy guy in your neighborhood with his camera, peering through your windows while you dress… In his words:

Oh boy.

Ok, so not long after I got back to the bubble my first foray to the core, in my shiny new Krait mk2, I decided to see who was on. I noticed phantom and hightide flying back and forth between a few systems. I sent a wing invite and didn’t receive a response. So I decided to fly out there. I found them, and kept buzzing their cockpits in the Krait. System to system I kept jumping and following them. At one point, in a station, I used the old camera bug to see Phantom’s T10 inside the hanger after he descended into it. I took a picture and shared it with them.

Hence… “Stalker”

I feel dirty now…


Alrighty, can I get a loud n’ hearty “Hell Yea!” from all my brothers and sisters out there who have spent a ton of their time and resources fully engineering their E-Rated FSD Drive? …………anyone?……….c’mon, no one?……

Oh wait, there’s one guy…..Thanks gibby2008{TF} for the backup!

Well played, sir. Well played.

Love Taps

Given for his propensity to gently nudge other CMDR’s in a wing, usually causing damage to both ships.

Favorite comment “I have a special place on my hull for everyone”


On an expedition to the centre of the galaxy, CMDR Jryde was unable to locate, and thus plot a route to Sagittarius A*. It was subsequently established that CMDR Jryde had excluded “non-sequence stars” from his star type navigation filters.


After the question was posed as to why blackholes weren’t more interesting in-game, Cmdr M-O-T-O-R went into a rather lengthy, very detailed explanation of the event horizon and how it is the perceived black hole, etc. etc. One of his peers quickly dubbed thee “Wiki-“, and it just kinda stuck.

Since then it has been noted that he does have a penchant for rather detailed lengthy explanations for things that some perceive as “too much random useless info” (his words, not ours)

Thunderseal Rebuy

CMDR “Thunderseal Rebuy” Soantii. “Rebuy” was awarded for the many comical ways in which he has destroyed his ship. Total insurance payouts exceed 200m, and Soantii also has a healthy dislike of dwarfs.

Also shared by this legend of “accidental” occurrences is the story of his very first glimpse of his future moniker:

“Earned my callsign when I lost my Imperial Cutter and full set of cargo with a 35 million rebuy by accidentally boosting inside a station trying to dock. Twice. In the space of ten minutes.

And now I’ve got to do a loop of shame back to this waterworld.. :grimacing:“

I hate to be a dink but, two words Cmdr Soantii: Rebind. Buttonmappings.

Addendum: “The most recent misadventure adds the “Thunderseal” prefix to the well-established “rebuy” callsign. After stranding his Imperial Eagle in the outer rim of the galaxy, the Hull Seals deemed it essential to send not one, not two, but THREE fleet carriers to rescue the intrepid explorer. “Operation Thunderseal” was the name given by the Hull Seals to this crazy, excessive endeavor.”


Awarded for successfully completing the Drazkul Challenge despite coming under fire from an unfriendly NPC. Kept his cool all the way down, earning him a more favourable callsign in the process…

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