21 May 2021

Have you ever been working a Haz Res, lining up the perfect 5 km Rail Gun shot only to miss because you were hit by a wing mate’s ship as you were pulling the trigger? Have you ever been parked beside an asteroid, synthesizing ammo after blasting scores of pirates only to hear your ship telling you you’re taking damage due to being hit at high speed by another ship? Have you ever been lifting off from an outpost landing pad only to crash into the underside of another Cmdr’s ship that just happens to be “parked” directly above you? If you answered “yes” to any of the above then you must have been flying in close proximity to Cmdr Pacifik. When asked to explain the large amount of paint scraping, ship bumping, and heart wrenching activity he laughed and said “I wasn’t trying to hit anyone…I’m just magnetic I guess”. It was at that moment that the callsign sensors detected an anomaly in PS Command and another Cmdr earned his callsign. It is with great joy that on behalf of PS Command I bestow upon Cmdr Pacifik the callsign of “Magneto”. Congratulations Cmdr! Fly dangerously Cmdrs… or fly with Cmdr Pacifik; it’s the same thing!