15 Mar 2021

CMDRs “Morpheus” Solyce and CMDR “Wiki-” M-O-T-O-R winged up with CMDR sumason. While bounty-hunting in Inti, all of a sudden they were swarmed. About half-a-dozen ships were targeting CMDR Sumason. Turns out he was unknowingly picking up illegal goods with his limpets. We told him to run, and his sloth-like (sorry, not sorry Sloth) Anaconda began to make its way out of the HazRes. CMDR “Wiki-” M-O-T-O-R and CMDR “Morpheus” Solyce worked feverishly to peel ships off of him. He escaped with 3% hull, only to get interdicted right after. Thankfully, he survived, narrowly making it to the TFCS Proxima Eterna parked nearby. Needless to say, he had his brown pants on after the encounter.

For picking up illegal goods in the HazRes, he earned the callsign “Mule”.