Thunderseal Rebuy

26 Apr 2020

CMDR “Thunderseal Rebuy” Soantii. “Rebuy” was awarded for the many comical ways in which he has destroyed his ship. Total insurance payouts exceed 200m, and Soantii also has a healthy dislike of dwarfs.

Also shared by this legend of “accidental” occurrences is the story of his very first glimpse of his future moniker:

“Earned my callsign when I lost my Imperial Cutter and full set of cargo with a 35 million rebuy by accidentally boosting inside a station trying to dock. Twice. In the space of ten minutes.

And now I’ve got to do a loop of shame back to this waterworld.. :grimacing:“

I hate to be a dink but, two words Cmdr Soantii: Rebind. Buttonmappings.

Addendum: “The most recent misadventure adds the “Thunderseal” prefix to the well-established “rebuy” callsign. After stranding his Imperial Eagle in the outer rim of the galaxy, the Hull Seals deemed it essential to send not one, not two, but THREE fleet carriers to rescue the intrepid explorer. “Operation Thunderseal” was the name given by the Hull Seals to this crazy, excessive endeavor.”