13 Nov 2020

CMDR “Hawk” Mellophone6

In the words of “Iceman” Azzbo27: “Blue Command have decided to take the step of bestowing a callsign upon Mellophone6 in honour of his services to the Squadron. Henceforth he shall be known as “Hawk.” A hawk is intelligent, has a keen awareness of what’s going on around them and is ruthless when they need to be – all qualities I’m sure you’ll agree our comrade has shown in helping us deliver 4 separate Leaderboard trophies.”

In the words of Mellophone6 himself: I was a try-hard who researched the inner-workings of the Squadron Leaderboard mechanics and stayed on Blue Squadron’s asses so that we placed where we needed to on the Leaderboards. Daddy needed his shiny holographic bobbleheads.