Mr Fantastic

27 Apr 2021

Have you ever felt like no matter how far you travel, something keeps pulling you back? Have you ever had your thrusters pegged in the HazRes but just don’t seem to be getting anywhere? Have you ever fired off your fully charged rails at that unsuspecting Elite Anaconda pirate only to watch them pull a high-G reverse evasive maneuver that should have left the pilot a pile of goo against the canopy? Well you might be flying with CMDR “Mr Fantastic” cookevs45.

The first time he entered the HazRes with his fellow CMDRs, looking to kill pirates and cash in on some of that sweet bounty money, it was apparent that something was quite off — that being his internet connection. Immediately the pirates and miners and cookevs45 himself started bouncing around like they were 34th-century space shuttlejocks in a cosmic game of badminton. Despite this, and the gastrointestinal discomfort it caused in some of his wing mates, he proved to be a dedicated pirate hunter and quickly became a staple of the undisclosed location hunters. If you see cookevs45 flying through the hazres, throw him a wing invite, but remember to pack your space sickness bags and maybe take a dose of Dramamine.