10 Dec 2020

Noted Wing Command troublemakers “Logistics” Phantom_rw and “Love Taps” CrzyRazr saw that a new CMDR had joined Blue Squadron. The Discord name? Pixy (Chew71). Once they sounded it out, how could they not bestow “Pikachu” upon the hapless newbie? After some minor protest, the name stuck. Congratulations Cmdr “Pikachu” Pixy (Chew71).

Addendum, December 3306: With no context, CMDR “Pikachu” Pixy (Chew71) announces on Discord “I have evolved again”. When questioned about the cryptic statement, he explained that he just had surgery to fix his shoulder. Never one to let his moment pass, CMDR “Boop” HojoTheFool posited “You are now Raichu?” Yes. Yes he is. The surgeon must’ve used a Thunder Stone during the operation.

So, from now on, he will be CMDR “Raichu” Pixy (Chew71)