Black Friday

7 Feb 2022

Our dear CMDR Pops Ravendish shared with us, a story of a little mishap he had recently in the game, and as a result, we pondered and mused and came up with the callsign of “Black Friday” for him. So much he liked it, he even got FDEV to change his in-game name to that!

Regards the story, here it is in his own words:

So I was parked in the middle of nowhere. When I logged on I noticed there was another FC parked nearby. I didn’t think anything about it and jumped away, headed for Colonia, about 4 jumps. I got to the next system and checked my Tritium reserves…. and nothing!I had left the Market open to sell Tritium, and open the ship for all. and the guy helped himself to ALL my tritium!.

MY BAD. So my plans have changed I’m headed here instead to spend some time mining for tritium. Sheese!