Waypoint 4: Àrsaidh Nebula sites

15 Apr 2022

Good Day, LS3 CMDRs!

Week 2 seemed like a quick one! But we accomplished alot this week. We had our first Planetary Meetups, people have all started finding their very own ELW’s and as you have all seen, we’ve also restarted our tradition of giving people Expedition Callsigns with two very worthy candidates receiving theirs this morning!

This week promises lots of adventure and fun as you’ll find yourself face to face with a unique cold Wolf-Rayet Star, tussle with a Pulsar, seek shelter on a DSSA FC, then finally meet up for some Guardian Soccer at some Guardian Ruins!

As always, Expedition Leadership wishes you good luck and safe flights!

Photo by CMDR “Wiki” M-O-T-O-R

POI 1: Buboes Star

System: Thailio AA-A h43

While most Wolf-Rayet stars burn bright and hot, the Buboes Star, tucked well beneath the Orion-Cygnus Arm, is chilly, in comparison. In fact, the Buboes Star burns just 54 degrees Celcius hotter than the boiling point of water. With its purple hue, reminiscent of a Y-class dwarf, and the black Bubo-like splotches pockmarking its surface, this frigid star sits in solitude, accompanied only by a sparse asteroid belt. Yet, it serves as a stark reminder of what strange extremes can be found in the galaxy.

POI 2: Pulse Star

System: PSR J1901+0716

This pulsar was the subject of research in the early 21st century for the unusual changes in the length of the pulses generated by the fast-rotating neutron star. The pulse length of 644 milliseconds decreases for ‘tens of pulses’ and then increases again. The cause for this behavior is unknown. A recent survey found many companion bodies ranging from class G stars down to tiny moons.

POI 3: DSSA [IGAU] Paradox Destiny

System: Prai Hypoo TX-B d4

The IGAU Paradox Destiny was first conceived as a black hole research vessel, but changed focus when the DSSA project was announced. Its name and logo are meant to evoke imagery related to both of these goals and its chosen assignment, the Temple region. Thus, the name refers to the “information paradox” of black holes, and the logo incorporates a Penrose Diagram of parallel universes connected by a black hole.

Stationed in the Prai Hypoo (Àrsaidh) Nebula, there are many examples of space biology within a stone’s throw of the carrier. The moon (2a) orbited by the carrier has geology, as well as sites containing Brain Trees and Bark Mounds.

A wide range of services are offered to the weary explorer who might want to sell their codex vouchers, or modify their ship with transferred modules. Stop in and have a drink at the bar!

Waypoint 3: Guardian Ruins – Àrsaidh Nebula sites

System: Prai Hypoo GF-E c10

This system contains some of the Guardian ruins discovered within the Àrsaidh Nebula in the Prai Hypoo sector. Three ancient sites are located on the same orbital body.

In January 3303, the engineer Ram Tah started his efforts to decrypt the meaning of the ancient obelisks, assisted by massive support of independent pilots. Using new technology developed by Ram Tah that allowed the decoding of alien datapatterns embedded within the obelisks, more and more information regarding the site and its constructors (an alien race referred to as ´The Guardians´) has been assembled and presented to the galactic community.

April 17th Meetup

Meetup Location: Geo Signal 4 on Blaa Eohn YZ-G d10-0 AB 1.

RegionMeetup TimeMass Jump Time
Europe1900 UTC2000 UTC
Americas2300 UTC0000 UTC

o7, Commanders!