Waypoint 9: Star One

20 May 2022

Greetings, LS3 CMDRs!

Boy howdy the air is getting fairly thin out here, isn’t it? The views are getting more and more spectacular, though! As we reach the edge of the Milky Way we encourage everyone to tighten formation a bit and fly a little closer to the FCs. As we said last week, the next several weeks pose a real danger for Explorers. More importantly, some of you may not be able to reach the next two POIs on your own. FCs will be offering regular ferry trips but once they’ve moved on, the window of opportunity will close. Sell your data when you can and get ready to use those G3 Jumponium Boosts, this week is a real tester!

This week we will see a brilliant Trinity, visit yet another DSSA Fleet Carrier en route to the last Waypoint on this leg of Lost Souls 3 that you can reach with your ship, Star One!

I will issue a travel advisory for Star One: It is VERY difficult to get to. It is possible to reach, but will require many G3 Jumponium Boosts if your ship has less than 65LY Jump Range. Please be careful and if you find yourself in trouble do not hesitate to ask for help!

The upcoming weeks will be a little lighter on travel, by the way, as next week we will be heading to Cygni X-3. Cygni X-3 is only accessible via Fleet Carriers, please pay attention to the Announcements Channel as we will be offering ferry services back and forth.

Photo by CMDR DangerPencil

POI 1: Angustia Trinity

System: Fraufooe AA-A h8

Located at the intersection of the Angustia region and the desolate Outer/Norma arm rest the Angustia Trinity, a system with three O-class giant stars and an O-Main Sequence star [O9 IIIA, O9 IIIA, O7 VA, and O0 VZ]. The O9 IIIA stars are the largest designation for an O-class star. While a system with three O-giants is rare even near the core, a high mass system such as this located in the Outer Arm is incredibly rare. Furthermore, the system is equidistant from Colonia and Sol, marking an equilateral triangle between inhabited space – lending its lore as the Angustia Trinity.

Approaching Angustia Trinity requires a deep descent into the bottom of the outer edges of the Milky Way. There are few stars around here, only the occasional A-class illuminating the celestial sky. As such, Angustia Trinity can be seen from thousands of light years away. The view is majestic, as the path to Angustia Trinity aligns with the Andromeda galaxy, the Triangulum galaxy, and the Magellanic clouds. Explorers be weary, however, as plotting a course to this system without the aid of a Fleet Carrier can be arduous, as the path is often convoluted because of the sparsity of systems in this area.

POI 2: DSSA Andromeda Calling

System: Byeia Thoea CA-A d2

DSSA Andromeda Calling orbits a pair of Earth-like worlds located near the western edge of the galaxy. Travelers on their way to their way to the historic locations “Manifest Destiny (Western Meridian)” or Star One can use her as an expedition base before tackling the routes to these systems.

Information about Jumponium sources can be found in the visitor’s brochure.

DSSA Andromeda Calling currently hosts the Explorer’s Legacy ‘Achievement’.

Waypoint 9 – Star One

System: Byaa Thoi GC-D d12-0

This system is the closest point in the Galaxy to the huge Andromeda Spiral, our nearest galactic neighbour apart from satellites like the Magellanic Clouds. It was reached in August 3302.

Byaa Thoi GC-D d12-0, known in some old Earth legends as Star One, is the first and last star beyond which there are no other stars for over 2 million light years. It lies 41,753.2 light years from Sagittarius A*, as remote again from the Formidine Rift as that is from the Galactic Hub.

May 22nd Meetup

TBD on Orbital Body 4A in the Byooe Thio AA-A g1 ABC system.

RegionMeetup TimeMass Jump Time
Europe1900 UTC2000 UTC
Americas2300 UTC0000 UTC