Waypoint 11: Deuteros

3 Jun 2022
Photo by CMDR Raked Badger

Greetings, LS3 CMDRs!

Cygni X-3 was an experience! Undocking from MoDeans right in the middle of two black holes was easily the most disorienting and terrifying thing I’ve ever seen in Elite: Dangerous! Expedition Leadership sincerely hopes everyone enjoyed (and enjoys) their time at Cygni X-3!

Moving forward, we are officially on the back half. We are steaming towards WP 11 this week, Dueteros. As a reminder, due to the long distance between Cygni X-3 and Dueteros, there will be no Meetup this week.

Stars are still a little sparse out here and it’s still not difficult to become stranded. So please, stick near the FCs unless you are very comfortable navigating The Black.

As always, Expedition Leadership wishes you safe and fortunate Exploration this week!

o7, Commanders!!

PO1: Westpoint Ormand

System: Cyuefai BC-D d12-4

Sitting on the far edge of the New Outer Arm, this system is located almost exactly on the western meridian from Sol.

Waypoint 11: Deuteros

System: Cyuefai RP-K b49-0

Until the discovery of “Westpoint Ormand”, this system served as a beacon system 30,000 LYs from Sol along the Western ‘0’ Meridian.

There is no meetup this week.

Photo by [XB1] Photoniq (Ashley Mallow)