DIscord & Rules for LS3

30 Mar 2022

Welcome to Lost Souls 3 CMDRs! We’re so very happy that you’ve chosen to join us on our next foray into The Black. This time we’re going all the way to the edge and looking out. A very old rumor says that’s how Reavers are made, so travel at your own risk.

Before we launch, we wanted to provide details to help you prepare and stay up-to-date.

Join us on Discord

As a first order of business, if you haven’t already joined us on Discord, please do! If you don’t want to download and install the app, you can still use the web version at Discord.com. Even if you don’t plan to chat with folks, joining The Fatherhood Discord will allow you to Login with Discord here on this site and give you access to a few extras for the trip including:

  • Lost Souls 3 Roster
    A list of the commanders that registered for the expedition, their roles and your assigned ship ID that you can choose to use for your ship.
  • Lost Souls 3 Fleet
    A list of the Fleet Carriers registered to join the expedition. It shows their locations and services provided. The data is provided by EDDN and requires CMDRs use tools like EDMC, the EDSM Dashboard, or Journal Limpet to keep data updated.
  • Trip Planner
    A tool to help map out the shortest route to take for waypoints. Just enter each star system you’d like to visit and it will tell you the most efficient order in which to visit them.
  • Lost Souls 3 Shipyard
    A searchable database of builds designed especially for LS3, contributed by members of The Fatherhood.

Some Ground (and Space) Rules

There are a few ground rules for The Fatherhood’s Discord and for the Expedition as a whole. These apply at all times, for conduct In-Game, in our Discord or against any member of the Expedition whether you are a member of The Fatherhood or not.

The Fatherhood has one guiding rule: Don’t be a dick. Internally we call this the “Wil Wheaton rule”. We are a global organization with folks of all kinds of races, nationalities, orientations, creeds, etc. We actively try to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment and deal seriously with anyone acting in opposition to this rule.

Be respectful of your fellow CMDRs. Similar to Rule #1, treat everyone with respect and dignity.

If you feel someone has broken either of the two above rules, please ping any active person with a Yellow or Orange name. These are Wing Command staff and can help.

Regarding PVP

In addition to the above, we will be enforcing the The Fatherhood’s PVP rules on LS3. This will apply to all CMDRs on LS3, regardless of if you are a Fatherhood CMDR or not. PVP is allowed on LS3, however ALL PVP must follow the below rules. Being found in violation of any of the below rules can lead to removal from the PG and the Expedition and possibly an expulsion from The Fatherhood (if you are a member).

  1. NO COMBAT LOGGING. In combat, terminating the game, interrupting the game’s network connection, or any other way of disengaging that is forbidden by the game ToS, is strictly prohibited.
  2. Any PvP activity should be agreed to by all parties, and with clear criteria on victory conditions (for example down to 20% hull).
  3. Ensure that any PvP fights are recorded. This will provide protection for any subsequent claims of griefing or combat logging.
  4. In self-defense, only the first point in the RoE is relevant.