Waypoint 16: The Racetrack

17 Jul 2022

Greetings, LS3 Commanders!

Expedition Leadership sincerely hopes you enjoyed the butt-puckering experience of flying into the Three Angels of Death! It’s harrowing but it’s fun This week was a reflective one as well, given that we’re currently exploring some of the farthest out land-based human colonies on the same week we started getting images from the James Webb Telescope. Seeing the universe as it is while seeing how much further we have to go is humbling, yet hopeful.

This week we continue our march back towards civilization by landing at our first starport in nearly three months! We’ll then move on to see a whole bunch of stars! Finally meeting back up at a Racetrack!

As always, Expedition Leadership wishes you safe travels and many interesting finds!

Photo by CMDR DangerPencil

POI 1: Farsight Expedition Base

System – Heart Sector IR-V b2-0

Farsight Expedition Base is mainly a mining outpost carved deep into a large asteroid orbiting a near gas giant in its inner ring system. The outpost is still crude and basic, and as of 04/3303 no outfitting or ship dry docking is available, so extensive ship maintenance is a problem. There is a Universal Cartographics office and some local contractors offer missions and passenger transport opportunities.

POI 2: Fireflies

System – 2MASS J02351897+6131236

Part of the IC 1805 cluster, this system is swarming with stellar objects. The high-mass O-type is in a nested binary pair with no less than three different black holes ranging from 9.4 to 31.3 solar masses. What really makes this system stand out are the five K-class stars and nine M-class stars, including one with a rare ring system. From the surface of one of the landable planets these stars will appear to flitter and fly across the sky during their orbits, giving the appearance of a field of fireflies.

WP 16: The Racetrack

System – Slegou LU-N b21-0

The first planet of this system has an exceptionally thin ring of 231 km width. Pilots can find some fun here by racing around the ring at top supercruise speed. The ring also has a shepherd moon very close to the rings. The moon orbits the rings in 2 hours and 53 minutes, giving excellent and dynamic views. The planet itself is in a binary orbit of 7 and 1/3 hours with another planet; all three are landable and provide great views.

July 17th Meetup

Meetup Location is at Geo Site 10 on Orbital Body 10 C in the Eafots JE-I b10-0 system.

RegionMeetup TimeMass Jump Time
Europe1900 UTC2000 UTC
Americas2300 UTC0000 UTC