Lost Souls 2 Act 3 – Waypoint 8

21 Feb 2020

Elmo’s Highway

System name

Boesky AA-A g89

Distance to waypoint



A system containing one Black Hole together with five Neutron Stars. It is a scenic but very hazzardous system to visit due to the risk of damage from multiple Neutron Star tails.

Expedition Base Camp

The base camp for this waypoint will be Surface signal: Geological [12] on planet C4 in the Boesky QO-Z D664 system.

POI’s Along the Way

“Süßes Fräulein” (Stellar Forge) – A huge sector with a very high-number of white, blue-white and blue stars accompanied by uncountable T-Tauri-Stars making it quite a sight for any explorer approaching the Core from the 1st Quadrant regions. The sector is full of habitable worlds and in its upper regions contains many non-sequence-stars. Due to the high value of such stars a survey can prove a lucrative undertaking once the data is sold at Universal Cartographics. Beautiful nebulae can be found within this sector, too.

Arcadian Lights – A small hourglass-shaped planetary nebula that was created after a supernova blast several thousand years ago. The central star collapsed into a neutron star of some 2.1 solar masses and left behind a number of ringed brown dwarfs in more or less stable orbits. The system has no landable planets but the view from close neighbouring star systems is amazing. 

Blue Ink in Pink – A beautiful little nebula with a black hole in its heart. Looking at it from the right angle it looks like a few droplets of blue ink had just been dropped into pink ink and are now blossoming and slowly disipating and mixing with the pink. Frozen in eternity at just the right moment. More surprising is that this little gem lies on the way from Sol to the Colonia domain and was only ever visited by two comanders before.

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