Lost Souls 2 Act 3 – Waypoint 1

3 Jan 2020


System name

Oob Auf AA-A h1


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Welcome to Lost Souls 2 Act 3!

Act 1 took the expedition from The Bubble to Colonia.

Act 2 was some fun and festivities in the Colonia Region.

Act 3 is where the proper exploration starts!


The system presents an uncommon composition. The main body is a black hole of 44 solar masses. Orbiting around there is a M-class red giant, a K-class and a ringed white dwarf which has an Ammonia world as a moon.

Expedition Base Camp

The base camp for this waypoint will be Surface signal: Geological [5] on planet 3 c a.

POI’s Along the Way

Eisriesenwelt – Just 225 light years from the Colonia colony one can find the largest known ice world. The 15th and final planet of this F-class star is an ice world of a staggering 632 earth masses! This would provide more water than any group of colonies would ever need, but prospectors will be prevented from landing due to the crushing 40g gravity. Delicate fissures and canyons are visible from the innermost of the banded rings surrounding the planet.

The planet is named ‘Eisriesenwelt’, after a massive ice cave on old Earth.

The Pomatomidae Nebula

Nicknamed the “Pomatomidae Nebula”, this planetary nebula is thought to have been created about a thousand years ago when an old star blew off its outer layers and formed this lovely blue and purple dual orb containing a neutron star at its center that was first discovered by CMDR Termittepower, and logged by CMDR Titler.

It has some great views from the surrounding systems, and within the system you can see other nebula against the background of purple dust.

Reference : Link

Deep Space Exploration

The second leg of this expedition is some 39kly in distance, with the nearest station being back at Colonia. Please therefore make sure that you are fully prepared for an extended period out in the Black!

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