Lost Souls 2 Act 3 – Waypoint 6

7 Feb 2020


System name

Flyai Eaescs AA-A h46

Distance to waypoint



Precipice is an eerie place, being located some 1,200 light years below the galactic plane. It consists of no less than four black holes and a number of low mass stars and brown dwarfs, giving the system only the dimmest illumination. The two heaviest black holes are already in a death dance more light seconds away, and they have also pulled in a number of planetary bodies very close to their embrace. The closest planet orbits them very rapidly at a mere four light seconds, although sadly it’s not a landable body.

Expedition Base Camp

The base camp for this waypoint will be Surface signal: Geological [1] on planet D 1 b a. Enjoy the 164kls supercruise!

POI’s Along the Way

Ear of Orion – Smallish blue/grey nebula with black bar, this nebula on the Orion-Cygnus Arm of the Milky Way resembles a giant ear

Chrysanthemum Nebula – Glowing with pink and mauve, this circular nebula resembles a Chrysanthemum when approached from the rim. At approximately 75 LY across, this system encompasses multiple stars, almost entirely class M. At 15,600 LY from Sol, this distant nebula is in a rarely travelled region (source).

Explorer’s Web – Orbiting two black holes and two cool stars, class K and Y, a ringed neutron star extends like a spiders web to catch any unwary explorers. Extending nearly 3 million KM from the neutron star and at 5400 LS away, the massive rocky ring system disappears in the void. Perpindicular to the main stars, travel to this neutron star must be performed with caution as the entire disk is a collision risk. Adding to this, the disk sits in line with the galactic plane, preventing even that dim light from being used to navigate the rocky ring. Explorer beware approaching this neutron star!

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