Waypoint 18: Kolaga

30 Jul 2022

Greetings, LS3 Commanders!

We come now to the final WP announcement of Lost Souls 3. This journey has been long, 123 days so far, roughly 66k LY. We’ve seen more of the Southwestern Quadrant than likely any other organized expedition has in the history of Elite: Dangerous. Expedition Leadership is proud of each and every one of you for accomplishing this herculean feat. You should be proud of yourselves as well!

This week is simple, we visit a pair of pearls and we tour the birthplace of The Fatherhood!

As always, Expedition Leadership wishes you a great many finds and safe travels!

Photo by CMDR “Stellar” Jibberd

POI 1: Alessia’s Pearls

System: Outopps KO-X c28-0

A system just 1,200 LYs outside frontier borders, it contains tidally locked twin Earths, and a water world, making it a likely tourism or colonization candidate. The system was discovered by the mysterious CMDR Salomé sometime in late 3301.

Waypoint 18: Kolaga

System: Kolaga

Britnev Hub is the birthplace of The Fatherhood. Several years ago several great Commanders gathered for drinks and decided to form a Squadron dedicated to openness, friendship and playing the game as they wanted to play. Upon receiving Player Minor Faction status, The Fatherhood relocated to Schwann Port, in Hajagani, where many of the factions leaders live to this day.

This is the final waypoint for Lost Souls 3. To avoid confusion and maintain consistency, the final meetup will be announced next Friday, August 5th.

July 31st Meetup

Meetup location is at Geo Site 6 on Orbital Body B2 in the IC 1396 Sector QS-Q C6-0 system.

RegionMeetup TimeMass Jump Time
Europe1900 UTC2000 UTC
Americas2300 UTC0000 UTC
Britnev Hub in Kolaga