Waypoint 10 & 11: Cygni X-3 & Deuteros

29 May 2022

Greetings, LS3 CMDRs!

This week is the turnaround, CMDRs! We’re a looooooong way from home and the question can be asked if we’re really still in the Milky Way! This week, though, we turn back for home and the comfort of our own beds and the luxury of Schwann Port’s bar! From here on, the Milky Way gets a little closer and a little more familiar. Stars become more more prevalent and space becomes much easier to navigate. But be wary, Explorers, should you glance backwards once we’ve made the turn you’ll see no stars. Only the vasting darkness. At Star One there are no more stars Westward, we’ve reached The Edge, the Place where there are No More Stars. A kind of place that causes irreparable space madness. Take care!

This weeks journey will be very different than previous weeks, so it’s imperative that you read this announcement and ask questions in ls3-lounge.

First up, you’ll notice that we have two WPs this week, 10 and 11. WP 10 is none other than the legendary and uniquely rare Cygni X-3. However, given several unforeseen factors, Expedition Leadership have opted to make this a short turn around. We will not have a meetup at Cygni X-3, but will instead host an FC shuttle service back and forth for the next several weeks.

Reminder: It is not possible to reach Cygni X-3 in your Ship, you MUST utilize the FC Shuttles.

Once you’re finished in Cygni X-3, you’ll then proceed directly (or indirectly) to Deuteros, where we will all meetup again in two weeks’ time.

Over the next two weeks, you’ll be one of an elite few to reach the Cygni X-3 system, experience a long 8k LY jaunt to and beyond the Western Meridian from SOL. At Deuteros, we will be nearly 30k LY due west of SOL. More importantly, though, about 29,700k LY due west of Hajangai. Due to the distance between Cygni X-3 and Deuteros, we will not have a meetup next week.

This week is officially the halfway mark of Lost Souls 3. I want to sincerely thank all who have made it out here. You truly are the lifeblood of this expedition and without your efforts, CMDRs, there would be no Lost Souls. Please take a moment to reflect on your accomplishments and congratulate yourselves for sticking with our humble event.

I would also like to issue a personal thanks to the entire Exepdition Leadership Team who’ve kept the lights on and the shuttles cruising on time through the long distances and made every effort to make this a pleasant expedition for us all. Sincerely, thank you.

Photo by CMDR XpressioN “Amateur”

Waypoint 10: Cygni X-3

System: Cygni X-3

Cygnus X-3 is one of the stronger binary X-ray sources in the sky. Classified as a microquasar, it is believed to be a compact object in a binary system which is pulling in a stream of gas from an ordinary star companion. It is observed in X rays, gamma rays, infrared, and radio, with an orbital periodicity of approximately 4.8 h, among the shortest known at the time of its discovery.

Due to its remote location the system is impossible to reach by ship.

Waypoint 11

Point of Interest 1: Westpoint Ormand

System: Cyuefai BC-D d12-4

Sitting on the far edge of the New Outer Arm, this system is located almost exactly on the western meridian from Sol.

Waypoint 11: Deuteros

System: Cyuefai RP-K b49-0

Until the discovery of “Westpoint Ormand”, this system served as a beacon system 30,000 LYs from Sol along the Western ‘0’ Meridian.

May 29th Meetup

Expedition FCs in the Star One System EU Meetup will be at Candle in the Void, US Meetup will be at MoDeans.

RegionMeetup TimeMass Jump Time
Europe1900 UTC2000 UTC
Americas2300 UTC0000 UTC