Waypoint 6: Circulum

30 Apr 2022

We’ve got a shorter leg this week, which should be a welcome relief after two weeks of jumping! That is of course unless you choose to visit the POIs as well – in which case – buckle up buttercup!

It seems like we’ve settled into a comfortable rhythm though. CMDRs are floating through space in a loosely defined pack, discovering lots of new Earth-like worlds, hundreds of water worlds and, of course, way too many snowballs, all while having regularly scheduled high jinx. I think this bodes well for morale as we continue to get closer and closer to the edges of the galaxy. It might be desolate out here, but it’s certainly not lonely!

I’d also like to take a moment to specially thank Olive_Oyl_ and CMDR johnl666 for their continued superhuman efforts to supply the convoy with tritium, modules and ferry services. You’ve both gone above and beyond and we are very thankful for your generosity.

This week we will visit a ridiculously hot system, an interestingly shaped nebula and end up in a system with an unusually high mass and a mountain begging to be climbed.

As always, Expedition Leadership wishes you safe flights and many findings!

Photo by XpressioN “Amateur”

POI 1: Fireball Fumaroles

System: Eullobs EL-Y e7

There is a field of gaseous volcanism, located on:

Orbital body: A 4 D A
Geo Location 1
Coordinates: 14.9405 / 130.8037

This rare white supergiant system is located in the south end of the Perseus Crags. Planets around the main star have experienced incredible heating, with most having no volatiles left on their surfaces. Tidal stress in the A 4 D moonlet has disrupted the body’s internals, releasing trapped pockets of silicates inside.

POI 2: Gryphon Nebula

System: Thraikai XL-A c15-0

A medium-sized, reddish-orange nebula which from certain angles is reminiscent of the mythical beast the Gryphon, which was a winged lion. The nebula is sparsely populated with few stars on the interior.

Waypoint 6: Circulum

System: Bloo Dryue ND-I d10-19

This system contains an unusually high content of mass for a D-mass system, most evident in the amount of rings in the system.

Orbital body 5 A features a 10km tall towering mountain that frames all three of these ringed planets through a valley.

Adding to the systems mosaic, the system also features a ringed water world moon whose parent planet is a very large ringed hmc with a dense atmosphere. The mass of this system, and it’s complexity of planetary bodies is further enforced by it’s diversity of material composition.

May 1st Meetup Location

System: Drojai MC-B d1-35, Orbital body: A 3 f a

We will meet at Geo Site 5.

Also of interest nearby: The Blue Oyster Bar (22,6 / -69,8 – close to Geo Site 11): The vicinity is littered with hundreds of high-pressure sulfur water geysers, some of which are powerful enough to jettison an SRV 5km above the surface

RegionMeetup TimeMass Jump Time
Europe1900 UTC2000 UTC
Americas2300 UTC0000 UTC