Lost Souls 2 Act 3 – Waypoint 5

31 Jan 2020

Deep Sea Nebula

System name

Stuelue DH-U e3-34

Distance to waypoint



From without, this planetary nebula radiates a dazzling purple, but upon leaving witchspace, one is greeted by an encompassing deep blue. This system hosts a black hole, a ringed gas giant, and an icy moon, all shrouded in darkness. For this reason, this system is an exemplary spot for admiring the blue-purple veil that surrounds it (source).

Expedition Base Camp

The base camp for this waypoint will be the nearby system Stuelue DH-U e3-36  Surface signal: Biological [1] on planet 12 A a.

POI’s Along the Way

This region of the galaxy is sparse on POIs to visit, so commanders are encouraged to seek their own POIs.

% of Leg Completed


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