Season’s Greetings from Colonia!

19 Dec 2019

After 8 weeks and almost 26kly, the Lost Souls 2 expedition has now arrived in Colonia!

Colonia is a vibrant, diverse, and exciting region of the galaxy, and we’d like you to enjoy your time in the region. To that end, we’ve come up with lots of fun and exciting things for you to do in the next 2 weeks!

Organised Events

“AspSreciation” Day
Base Camp: Deadly
“AspSreciation” Day

Sunday 22nd December

The AspS is a very under-appreciated ship. To show our appreciation for this unloved ship, we’re asking you all to spend a whole day flying out and around the Colonia region in one. At the end of the day, we’re also going to attempt to answer a very important question: How many AspS’s can you fit inside Jaques Station at once?

Timings will be announced on the Discord server.

Base Camp: Deadly

Sunday 29th December

609ly away from Colonia lies Monde de la Mort– a landable planet whose orbit enters into the exclusion zone of a white dwarf. Landing on the planet is a rites of passage for a lone commander, but we want to go one further – we want to establish a base camp on the planet!

Coordinates and timings will be announced on the Discord server.


Date TBC

You’ve heard of Speedbowl, right? Using the gravity of a high-G planet to boost you to ludicrous speeds? Well, we want to organise a similar event in the Colonia region. But exclusively in a Dolphin.

Yup – Fishbowl!


There are 4 engineers in the Colonia region. However, unlike their Bubble counterparts, it is possible to increase the maximum grade available from these engineers. Commanders within the region have concentrated efforts to upgrade the engineers, with some blueprints having a higher grade available than in the Bubble.

We are asking expedition members to contribute toward this effort, and to focus on upgrading the following two blueprints:

  • Etinenne Dorn – Surface Scanners
  • Marsha Hicks – Fuel Transfer Limpets

Upgrading is achieved by repeatedly applying the required blueprint – after a pre-determined number of rolls, the next grade blueprints will become available from that engineer.


Outfitting in the Colonia region is extremely good, and a capable mining ship can be purchased, outfitted and engineered in the region.

Double Painite Mining

There is a Painite double hotspot in the ring of Planet 4 of the Randgnid system.

Void Opal Mining

There are two Void Opal hotspots in the ring of planet 4 of the Eol Prou LW-L c8-132 system.

Sights to See and Other POI’s

Codex Entries

There are a number of Notable Stellar Phenomenon around the Colonia region, with plenty of codex entries to discover. A list of all known sites can be found here.

Material Traders

Technology Brokers

Tourist Beacons

There are three tourist beacons just outside Jaques Station in Colonia:

  1. “Jaques Visitor Beacon”
  2. “Repairs Concluded”
  3. “The Colonia Expansion”

The Dove Enigma

The Enigma Expedition was one of those moments that demonstrated the amazing nature of the Elite:Dangerous community. The conclusion of this expedition was a new megaship in the Colonia system, named in honour of CMDR DoveEnigma13. Many members of The Fatherhood participated in this expedition, and so when members of The Fatherhood arrive in Colonia, a pilgrimage is made to the Dove Enigma and respects are paid.

For the Dove!