Waypoint 13: Rings Shore

26 Jun 2022

Greetings, LS3 CMDRs!

Expedition Leadership hopes that you’ve enjoyed the last month out in The Black, circling the outer edge of the Milky Way. We see that there have been some incredible finds in ls3-photos and we encourage everyone to go check them out! But now our journey starts to get a little bit easier as we turn back towards Hajangai. From here on out stars will become much more dense and easier to navigate. The systems will feel more familiar and everyones’ chances for an ELW will go up, assuming Cmdr “Mc” Drazkul hasn’t beaten you to it!

It is at this point that we will rescind the standard travel advisory we have been giving about flying close to the FCs. Still continue to do so if you are uncomfortable navigating The Black, however, stars are becoming much easier to jump to and thus your range from the FCs can increase. Stay safe out there!

This week will you will find yourself jumping to your doom, seeing a group of siblings and then we will meet up again on the Ring Shore. As always, Expedition Leadership wishes you safe travels and many great finds!

POI 1: Explorer’s End

System: Phae Phlai AA-A h0

Situated between the Bovomit Badlands and the far edge of the Formidine Rift, this system can pose an extreme hazard to any starships hyperspacing to it. Its primary star is a harmless AE/BE Herbig Protostar, but the danger lies in a Blue Giant companion in extreme proximity and two orbiting black holes. Starships approaching from the wrong vector can easily become wedged in the inferno between the primary and secondary stars, or exit hyperspace very close to one of the black holes. Explorers beware.

POI 2: Seitsemän Veljestä (Seven Brothers)

System: Phae Aeb ZK-P e5-0

During the first half of The Dead End’s Circumnavigation Expedition (DECE), a system with 6 B type stars and 1 A type star was found while surveying the systems within the sector. Such system is quite remarkable on its own but considering its location within the Outer Arm Region, it is exceptional. Due to the complicated nature of the system, no planets are present in the system.

Waypoint 13: Rings Shore

System: Smaidiae IZ-M d8-7

Moon Orbiting extremely close to the parent gas giants rings. Orbit is so close that the rings edge reaches beyond the orbital cruise distance of the moon. Aside from the mountains and canyons that are abundant on the moon there are even supposed to be silicate vapour geysers, but I wasn’t able to locate any of them.

May 26th Meetup

Geo Signal 8 on Planetary Body 5 A A – RedRock Geysers – in the Myoidu HS-S D4-4 System, 13.86ly away from WP12 .

RegionMeetup TimeMass Jump Time
Europe1900 UTC2000 UTC
Americas2300 UTC0000 UTC