Lost Souls 2 Act 3 – Waypoint 3

17 Jan 2020

Blue Heaven

System name

Dryo Aob DR-C d7

Distance to waypoint



This remarkable system has one earth-like world and four terraformable water-worlds serenely orbiting an M class star 22k light-seconds from a primary neutron star.

Expedition Base Camp

The base camp for this waypoint will be the nearby system Dryo Aob HI-F c1 Surface signal: Geological [1] on planet B 3.

POI’s Along the Way

Gamow Nebula – The Gamow Nebula is a dark blueish emission nebula located high above the galactic plane (~1,000 ly). It is rimmed with a patch of thick and dark dust, presumably consisting of the compressed interstellar material after a supernova shockwave or similar event hit the area in the distant path. The stellar density is quite low at this galactic altitude, however there is a neutron star in range that may have been the cause of such a compression event. The Gamow Nebula is named after George Antonovich Gamow, a 20th century physicist and cosmologist, who worked extensively on the theories of star formation and stellar nucleosynthesis.

Cumbuia Hypergiant – In less than a million years this 450 solar radii monster of a star has burned nearly all of its hydrogen and is now on the verge of changing into a red supergiant. It is already larger than the distance between Sol and its fourth planet, mars. Depending on the Galaxy Map input or by direct spectroscopy the giant seems to show a shift in luminosity periodically between late B and mid to late A spectral class, speaking volumes of the solar winds that rage through the system. The main star is accompanied by two other B-type stars, dancing an uneasy orbital dance with one of the two presumably being ejected due to the complicated gravitational (im)balance.

Kraken Nebula – A smallish orange/red nebula, from certain angles this may appear to the travel-weary or easily-spooked explorer to resemble the face of the mythical sea beast of legend rising from the depths to destroy unsuspecting ships. No rare stars to be found here, but the terrifying visage is worth the trip alone.

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